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There are two parts to this Assignment.
Part 1. Expository Essay: In this Assignment you will respond using an expository essay format. An
expository essay involves investigating the topic, analyzing your findings, and supplying a solution or
a suggestion to address the problem or task, and supporting your position.
Part 2. Sales Projections: You will use a template (Excel file) located in Doc Sharing to compute
how much you think you will sell the first 3 months; 6 months, and 1 year? Show how you did the
math in your answer.
Part 1. Expository Essay: Describe what your products and/or services will be and the pricing
strategy involved for your chosen business. Please respond to the following Checklist items:
Provide an introductory paragraph to explain your business briefly and the intention in writing
this paper.
Describe what your business will be selling; Describe the products and/or services (name 34
main ones) and the value proposition. Based on your research of the competition, describe the
competitions product/service and provide the price. Then describe the pricing strategy you will
use and how the competitions prices have affected your competitiveness in the marketplace.
Pricing Strategies
Penetration Pricing = Pricing below normal, long-term price to gain market share.
Skimming Pricing = Pricing an item high in the short term to capture the prestige markethelps to
recover start-up costs.
Variable Pricing/Dynamic Pricing Strategy = Lower pricing for certain customers based on their ability
to pay. (Amazon uses this type)
Price Lining = Different quality level product of a certain type are priced by category. Ex: Womens
handbagsDesigner bags $300, name brand $200 and all other $100.
Market Pricing = pricing based on the market- what people are willing to pay only works if there is very
little or no competitors.
Explain whether you will buy on credit and the kind of credit terms you expect from your
suppliers and why.
Then explain your customer credit policy; explain whether you will extend credit to your
customers and why or why not. If you will extend credit, please describe the terms you expect
to receive and/or extend and why.
Support your responses with your research in your essay using two APA citations in support of
your descriptions and responses. Remember to include an APA formatted and citation styled
references page at the end of your Assignment.
APA requirements
1. Title page
2. 12 pt. font – Times New Roman (KU required)
3. Reference page
4. Double-spaced
Provide a short paragraph in conclusion.
Unit 6 209: Small Business Management
Make sure to check your grammar and spelling and ensure that your essay is well ordered and
logical in addressing the various checklist items. If you need further help with your writing, go
the Writing Center for additional resources and assistance.
Your expository essay should be a minimum of 3 pages in length, in APA format and citation style,
including the title and references page. This paper should be submitted to the unit Dropbox together
with part 2 below.
Part 2. Sales Projections: In this section you will use the Unit 6 Assignment template (Excel file)
located in Doc Sharing or here: to compute the
How much do you think you will sell the first 3 months; 6 months, and 1 year? Show how you did the
math in this answer. For example, I expect to have 3 customers a day for the first month, 5 the
second month, 7 the third month, and that equals 300 customers the first 3 months.
Multiply the number of sales by your average price to get the first 3 months sales. For
example, if you have the 300 customers stated in question 4, and the average selling price is
$20, then you will have $6000 in sales the first 3 months.