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Walcott’s Poems


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Select one of the four Walcott poems and analyze it for the reader. In your introductory paragraph, give some context for the poem, in which you describe the setting and basic narrative outline of the poem. To close the paragraph, summarize the poem’s central message in a sentence or two. This closing will function as your thesis statement. In your individual body paragraphs, explain key phrases and concepts. You might organize your paper so that you devote each paragraph to a stanza or to a main idea in the poem. Grading Criteria I will evaluate your essay according to these criteria: • Construction of a clear thesis statement and supporting paragraph-level claims. • Demonstrated ability to use substantial reasoning and evidence. Close reading is a must. • Careful, thoughtful analysis of quoted material. • Proper use, citation, and documentation of source material using MLA style. • Proper integration of quoted material into your own prose. • Effective essay organization to create a clear line of argument. • Sentence clarity. • Clear and precise sentence-level rhetoric (grammar and style).

Choose one of this poems by walcott
1. Islands (for Margaret)
2. Prelude
3. A City’s Death By Fire
4. A Far Cry from America
5. Ruins of a Great House
6. The Castaway
7. The Almond Trees
8. Verandah (for Ronald Bryden)
9. Blues


Title; Walcott’s Poems

Length; 5 pages (1375 words)

Style; MLA