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The Yanomamo


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Dear Students about the book review assignment based on:
Napoleon A. Chagnon (2012). The Yanomamo. Brownstown: Wadsworth Publishing; 6 edition.
In one two page, double spaced write a book review, please briefly (shortly, succinctly) answer the following six questions:
1)What is the book about?
2)What are the central themes of the ethnography? (List at least 4).
3)What is Chagnons main thesis?
4)Name at least two Yanomamos seemingly exotic cultural practices described by Chagnon.
5)Who are the main characters or protagonists in the ethnography?
6)What is the importance of the book?
IMPORTANT: Please keep in mind that a book review is not a book report. A book report is merely a summary of the contents of the book, with no analysis or thoughtful opinions. Unlike a book report, a book review is critical. It provides a critical analysis of the ideas being discussed and presented by the author.


Title; The Yanomamo

Length; 2 pages (550 words)

Style; APA