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“The Two Acolytes”


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Please answer any one of the following questions in 3-4 typewritten, double-spaced pages (due April 22):

Was Natsume Sōseki’s pessimistic analysis of modern Japanese civilization echoed by other writings we have read this semester? Cite two examples from these readings, and discuss thei similarities or differences with Sōseki’s views.
How do the two acolytes in Tanizaki Jun’ichirō’s “The Two Acolytes” represent two possible responses to sexual temptation? And, do you see any similarities with the attitude of the priest toward his geisha parishioner in Ariyoshi Sawako’s “The Village of Eguchi”?
What does Sensei teach Tsukiko during their “relationship” in Kawakami’s The Briefcase? Please discuss how she changes over the course of the novel, and why.

Please follow the format of:
1 Introduction
2.Summary of the stories
3.Resonse to the question


Title; “The Two Acolytes”

Length; 3 pages (825 words)

Style; MLA