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The Super Bowl 50 Doritos Commercial


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ADV 342, Spring 2016




Due February 22– 20 points




You are an advertising account planner with a national advertiser as a client. A commercial for your brand aired during Super Bowl 50 on Sunday, February 7, 2016. The following morning, your client’s brand manager called with a big problem. The company CEO was unhappy with the direction evidenced in the commercial believing that it will not help boost sales. If your agency wants to retain the business, you must quickly develop a new strategy.


As the account planner, you are charged with identifying research needs, bringing the voice of the customer to the conversation, and discovering key consumer insights. It will be up to the creative team to translate this into a new campaign. Time is of the essence, so you are tasked with quickly identifying the research problem and developing a research plan. In your paper, address all of the points below.


DISCUSSION (18 points)


  1. What is your brand? You must choose a brand advertised during the Super Bowl on February 7, 2016. Name the brand and briefly (no more than one paragraph) describe the commercial.


  1. You have very limited information about the problem; all you know is what the brand manager told you. What types of additional information would you seek from the brand manager? From secondary sources?


  1. Using the limited information available (i.e., the strategic direction you saw in the commercial and the CEO’s dissatisfaction with how it addresses sales growth), define the research problem.


  1. What are the core elements of the situation that must be addressed in this research? In other words, on which parts of the problem would you first focus?


  1. Based on your research problem definition in question 3, prepare a general research plan. Itemize the key questions and methods (NOTE: more than one method) for your research. Be as specific as possible.


FORMAT (2 points)


2-4 pages, double-spaced, stapled, Times Roman or equivalent 12-point font, 1” margins. Include your name, PID, course name & number, section number, and date.


Organize your report into identifiable sections.


Your answers may be written out in paragraph form or bullet points. Be sure that every item is addressed and your answers are well organized and clear.


Be sure to properly cite any outside sources, using APA style, and attach a reference list (not included in page count).


Correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation are required.


Assignments will be graded based on adherence to all requirements, thoroughness of answers, accuracy, and creativity.


Title; The Super Bowl 50 Doritos Commercial

Pages; 2

Style; MLA

Paper Preview

The Super Bowl 50 Doritos Commercial

Brand Name and Commercial Summary

Doritos is one of the most popular Frito-Lay products in the United States. The brand comprises seasoned tortilla chips and comes in different flavors. The most popular taste among them is the Doritos Nacho Cheese. It is also one of the oldest ones that has been in production for several decades. During the Super Bowl 50 that took place on 7 February, 2016, Frito-Lay got an opportunity to market its Doritos brand. The advertisement shows a man eating Doritos, while his wife undergoes an ultrasound. She proceeds to make comments about her husband’s behavior while conversing with the physician.

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