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The software programs used by firefighters


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What computer programs are used by a firefighter? Do not give me a general overview. Discuss three specific software programs used by someone in this profession. the format of this essay should be like you were doing a power point. include a works cited.


 The Research Project assignment entails creating a PowerPoint 2010 presentation on a computer-related topic.  The content in your presentation should be similar to the content you would include in a term paper.  The project is 14% of your grade.


The list of possible topics can be found in the “Research Project Topics.doc” file posted to Shared Files in Campus Cruiser:

  • Click SHARED FILES (in the left pane under the “Current Class” heading)
  • Expand the “Research Project” folder (click the + sign in the left window)
  • Click the link (in the right window under file name)


Pick 3 topics that are of interest to you and do some research to make sure that you can find enough information on those 3 topics to create a presentation.  After you research your 3 topics of interest, put them in priority order and email me just the TOPIC NUMBERS:

Topics are given out on a first come, first serve basis. Each topic will only be assigned to one student.  I will give you the first topic on your list that is still available and I will reply to your email to let you know which topic you have been assigned.  Once you have been given a topic, you cannot change it.



The focus of your presentation should be to help someone thoroughly understand the topic.  Create the project as if you were going to present it to a group – even though you do not have to present it.  You must upload the completed project through “My Assignments” in Campus Cruiser.  The project is DUE on Wednesday, April 9 by 9:00am.


This project is 14% of your grade, so please be sure that you devote the appropriate amount of time and effort.  Be patient when waiting for your grade for this assignment.  I actually read and run each presentation, so it may take me a while to grade your project.


The following list of items detail what I am looking for in your project.  I will deduct 5 points for every item you are missing from the list.  Once you have completed the project, go over this list one more time to make sure you have met all the requirements.


  1. Number of Slides:

Your Research Project must contain a minimum of 12 slides but no more than 20 slides.  If you include the minimum 12 slides, make sure there is information on EVERY slide.  Don’t count a slide that only has a picture as one of the 12 slides.  A slide with only a picture is acceptable as long as you have more than 12 slides.

The first slide (see #2) and the last slide (see #3) are counted as part of the minimum 12 slides or the maximum 20 slides.

(GRADING: For example, I will deduct 5 points for every slide you are missing if you have less than 12 slides)


  1. First Slide:

The first slide must be a title slide and must contain all the following:

  • your first and last name
  • your class and section number
  • the number of your topic
  • the name of your topic


  1. Last Slide – Bibliography:

The last slide must contain your bibliography.

Your bibliography will probably use more than 1 slide, but only 1 slide should be counted toward the minimum number of 12 slides.


  1. Bibliography Sources:

You must use a minimum of FOUR different sources (articles) for the information you use to create your Research Project.  The 4 sources may be any combination of web sites, books, magazines, journals, etc.

You may NOT use information found at any Wiki site.


  1. Dates of Sources for your Bibliography:

Sources must be dated 2009 or later (because things change so quickly in the computer field).  Sometimes web sites do not include a date.  If so, use your judgment about whether the content is current or not.  Compare what the web site says with what is stated by your other sources.


  1. Organizing your Sources in your Bibliography:

Number your sources in your Bibliography starting with #1.


  1. Place your Bibliographical source number on each slide in the Notes pane:

Every slide must have your source number in the “Notes” pane.

In “3c” above, I asked you to NUMBER each source in your Bibliography.  Place this number in the “Notes” pane of EACH SLIDE.

For example, if the information you found for slide 3 came from a web site – that web site will be one of the sources you listed on your Bibliography.  If the web site is listed in your Bibliography as #4, then you should type a “4” in the Notes pane for slide 3.


  1. Web Site sources in your Bibliography:

Each web site you list in your bibliography must contain the entire web address of the exact page that contains the information you used in your project. This means that if I want to read where you got the information for a particular slide, I can just go to the web address in your bibliography and see the information you used in your project.


  1. Use MLA style for your Bibliography information:

You can get help creating your bibliography from a Middlesex County College reference librarian or you can use a computer program to automatically create your bibliography in the correct format.


To create your bibliography using a program, go to:


  • Click MLA (at the top left of screen)
  • Click on the type of source (i.e. a web site, a book, etc)
  • Fill in the form with as much information as you can. Many web sites do not give all the information needed for your bibliography, and that’s OK, as long as you list all the information you can find.
  • Click “Make Citations”
  • Cut and paste the result into your project’s bibliography slide


  1. Spelling and Grammar:

You are responsible for creating a grammatically correct presentation with no spelling errors.  I take this part of the assignment very seriously.  Be sure to spell check your project and make sure there are no grammatical errors.

         (I will deduct 5 points for each spelling and/or grammar mistake)


  1. Graphic:

At least ONE slide must contain a graphic (clipArt, photograph, picture, etc) that relates to your topic. HINT: choose a slide layout that contains a placeholder for the graphic.


  1. Design and Colors:

Choose one design for the entire project.  Make sure the colors and font you choose work well with each other and are easy to read on a computer monitor.


  1. Effective Presentation guidelines:
  • Graphics should be placed on the left side of the slide.
  • Bullets are good, but no more than 4 on one slide. This guarantees that the text is not too small.
  • Keep the text on the slide brief and to the point. A long paragraph is not appropriate on a slide in a PowerPoint presentation.
  • The relationship of each slide to the previous one should be clear and logical.


  1. DO NOT include transitions.

Transitions are nice, but I have lots of projects to grade and transitions make the project much longer to watch.


  1. DO NOT use the AutoContent Wizard.


  1. Content:

Only include information that directly relates to your topic.

DO NOT include the following:

  • your opinion
  • the definition of your topic
  • the history – just talk about what is going on right now

For example:  if your topic is Computer Networks, don’t discuss when they were invented

  • the background of your topic (similar to the history – skip it)
  • an introduction to the topic (similar to the definition – skip it)

For example:  if your topic is Computer Networks, don’t discuss what a computer network is

  • a summary of any information you already discussed
  • a conclusion


You must upload your Research Project file electronically through the “My Assignments” area of Campus Cruiser.  DO NOT email your project to me.


The file name of your project must be:

yourFirstName  yourLastName  Project

For example, my research project would be named:  Phyllis Fleming Project


You can only submit ONE file ONE time, so be sure you are selecting the correct file.  You may submit your presentation anytime BEFORE 9:00am on the DUE DATE.  NO LATE Research Projects will be accepted, so be careful not to wait until the last minute.  There is always the possibility your computer will crash or you will not have Internet access.   


Title; The software programs used by firefighters

Length; 4 pages (1100 words)

Style; MLA