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“The Singer Solution to World Poverty.”


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Summer T-TH 2016

Essay and Research — Summary Paper

 Draft Due: 5/31 

Final Due: 6/2 

Length: 250-500 words. 

Topic:  Write a summary of “The Singer Solution to World Poverty.” Do not analyze or respond, only summarize. 

Format:  MLA format, typed, DS.

Things to Keep in Mind:Since this is a summary and not a full-fledged essay, you might not have a separate introduction and conclusion of your own.

  • Make sure to identify the author and title of the essay in your paper.
  • Focus on main ideas and leave out supporting details.
  • Be non-judgmental. Do not add your opinions.
  • Make sure your summary includes all main ideas of the original (make sure it is complete).
  • Follow the organization of the essay you are summarizing.
  • Make sure all the text of your summary is written in your own words — do not quote from the original.


Title; “The Singer Solution to World Poverty.”

Length; 1 page (275 words)

Style; MLA