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The Roles of Advocate and Neutral

The Roles of Advocate and Neutral


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The Roles of Advocate and Neutral

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Title: The Roles of advocate and neutral

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General Simulation Information

David who hails from California never pursued his education to the college or university level and instead chose to open a business enterprise and named it after his parents, Dolce Worldwide Company. It dealt with a wide range of business activities which included a clothing line as well as restaurants and motels. It had branches in various parts of the globe and has more than ten branches in United States. Dolce Worldwide Company is among the leading clothing firms in United States of America. David started his Company from a scratch and no one would have ever imagined that it would be as big as it is currently. He founded it in 2008 with an income he had saved from high school and he used to walk from his home to the offices of his enterprise on a daily basis. However, the enterprise started growing in a rapid rate and soon it was a huge enterprise. It currently has over 100 staff members who are based in its California headquarters and the number is estimated to grow even to a higher number in future.

The company is doing immensely well and it is worth $8 million currently and has a profit margin of 7%. The highest gross profit margin was last year but one at 8% and they are on course to make sure it reaches that mark again and even higher. David estimates to collect around $700,000 at the end of this year in the apportionment of dividend and he intends to hold a grand party to thank all those who made the company a great success. The rest he will use to open other branches in various places in the world.

Angela on the other hand is the former wife of David. They had been married for four years before their marriage turned sour. She is a teacher at California School for the deaf and has been teaching for the last five years. She met David at the school five years ago when David and his family had come to visit David’s younger brother was unfortunately deaf and that is how things started and blossomed into a beautiful and colorful marriage. They have one kid to show for their marriage. Things have not been that smooth for their marriage lately as Angela claims that David has no time for the family. He concentrates too much on the business at the expense of his family. It reached a point where David deserted their matrimonial home and rented an apartment so that he would be free from the family quarrels and concentrate fully on the company. Angela having had too much filed for divorce on the grounds of desertion and a divorce decree was granted, Angela has not had enough. She now claims half of the company David owns and will stop at nothing to get it as she claims she has been helping David with the running of the company and additionally, it would help her maintain their child as she was granted the custody of the child. She claims that if David does not yield to his demands she will make David’s dirty secrets a public affair.

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