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The relationship between the concept of ‘community’ and of ‘resiliency’


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The relationship between the concept of ‘community’ and of ‘resiliency’

Here you are the instructor explanation:

Using specific references to assigned readings and material on the course Blackboard site, please discuss what you think the relationship might be – if any – between the concept of ‘community’ and of ‘resiliency’. How -if at all- might the concepts of ‘community’ and ‘resiliency’ be related?

As Dodds notes in Humanity’s Footprint, there are values and beliefs at work that have made it both easier to ignore the consequences of destructive activities and harder to address them. Examples include many of the subjects I have already described in class: ethnocentrism, corruption, a reverence for profit at any cost, etc. One common aspect to them all is an emphasis upon individual ‘freedom’. The problems we face will require cooperation however. What values might we think about encouraging so as to preserve freedom from oppression and exploitation (slavery)? What actions might help promote such values? If cooperation can produce community, what might help communities survive and thrive, able to withstand or rebound easily from the shocks we currently face (environmental, financial, social, political, etc.)?
So we have to use 2 sources:
1) Blood & Earth, by Kevin Bales (book)
2) Humanity’s Footprint, by Walter K. Dodds (book)
unfortunately I don’t have access to these books so I don’t know if you guys could find them and get some citations.

Assigned reading before this essay


Weeks 5 – 6 (9/12 – 9/23): Trouble in Paradise?

Reading: Blood and Earth

Viewing: “Night and Fog


Weeks 7 – 8 (9/26 – 10/7): Political Economy, Nature and the State

Reading: Blood and Earth

Viewing: “Bangkok Girl


Weeks 9 – 10 (10/11 – 10/21): Poverty, War and Resilience

Reading: Humanity’s Footprint

Viewing: “The Age of Stupid


Title; The relationship between the concept of ‘community’ and of ‘resiliency’

Length; 5 pages (1375 words)

Style; MLA

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The Relationship between the Concept of ‘Community’ and of ‘Resiliency’


The term community implies a relationship between groups of people living together in a given location. The relationship goes beyond casual relationship as the community has a shared way of life, values, beliefs, and common goals. On the other hand, resiliency refers to the ability to anticipate risk, limit the consequences or impact of the risk and bounce back through evolution adaptability or progress in the face of the challenge faced. Therefore, the measure of the ability of a community to utilize the presented resources and be able to survive and recover from disasters and emergencies that may arise is its community resilience.

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