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“The Rediscovery of the Mind” By John R. Searle


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Textbook Required: “The Rediscovery of the Mind” By: John R. Searle.  (The textbook can be found at the link below): 300 words answer one of the following due wednesday april 1, before 11:59pm.1) Why, according to Searle, does the irreducibility of consciousness have no deep consequences?2) Searle highlights several kinds of reduction.  Where does his view fit, and what it unique about it?


Title; “The Rediscovery of the Mind” By John R. Searle

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“The Rediscovery of the Mind” By John R. Searle; Irreducibility of the conscience

Searle, in his book, “Rediscovery of the Mind,” explains that irreducibility of consciousness has no deep consequences and that it is possible to reduce an individual’s conscience to the properties of the brain. The purpose of this paper is to Investigate Searle argument of consciousness and the mind in support of his claim.

Searle seeks to explain the different relationships between the conscience and the physical brain structure and the neuron systems. He argued that the two co-exist in a reducing theory where the reduced element can be Cleary calculated or deduced using the laws of the reducing elements.

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