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The North American historian Carl Becker


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The North American historian Carl Becker famously remarked that the U.S. war for independence was not merely a struggle against the mother country for home rule but also a struggle over who should rule at home (i.e., a struggle over power within colonial society). In what ways is this true of Spanish America’s movement toward independence? In what ways is it not true or incomplete?


Title; Carl Becker Dual Revolution

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Carl Becker Dual Revolution

Carl Becker is the first and progressive historian who contributed towards the analysis of American Revolution. He stresses that the revolution is illuminated in two approaches. The first one is the external revolution that relates to the colonial revolt against Britain. Additionally, it is caused by economic interests of the mother country and colonies. The second approach is internal revolution that focuses on Americas social classes based on the different ideologies used to determine individuals wealth. According to this approach, the main idea for the revolution is to determine the lower and upper classes that will govern after the departure of Britain. He states that the American Revolution was propelled by the aspiration for equality and class grievances rather than concerns over the British Rule.

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