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The Model Minority Myth


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We were asked to create our own prompt, which I have already completed and written below for your reference (Paper 2 Prompt).
The Professor required that we use higher cognitive thinking instead of “spitting” the material back at her, and in order to explain this she provided a PowerPoint called X does Y, which I was unable to attache and therefore pasted below as well (Write your own prompt). The last part of the X does Y shows the steps required to create the prompt, please take a quick look so that you understand the prompt I created. If the prompt is unclear as to what point I want to get across or otherwise, please modify it to something of your own liking. In other words, as long as the X does Y steps are satisied, you may choose to discuss The Model Minority Myth and how politics affect individual behavior in a different way.
Please know that she did not ask for a specific Citaton Style, but she does require at least 3 citations from her assigned readings, most of which I was unable to attach. Therefore, please use the two attached readings and kindly look for one of the following:
a.Melancholy of Race by Anne Anlin Cheng.
b.”A Beautiful Idea”: The King and I and the maternal promise of Sentimental Orientalism by Danielle Glassmeyer.
c.Asian Performance on the stage of American Empire in Flower Drum Song by Chang Hee Kim
I do have a zip folder with all the readings, in case it is possible to send to you directly via email.
Go ahead and use a simple citation style and feel free to cite other sources.

Also, she was not specific as to the lenght of this essay, so I have asked for 6 as a minimum.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


  1. Asian Americans are labeled as this nation’s model minority. Characteristics of the model minority are political silence, ethnic assimilation, and financial prosperity.
  2. Their success is attributed to the assimilation and acceptance of society’s ideological demands, such as productivity and social conservatism, to their political conformity and stoic patience for policy change, and to a high focus on self-improvement. Also, their strong family bonds and unity promote a collective sense of self-sufficiency as well as a secure environment for individuals to work harder.
  3. It is important to understand where the behaviors leading to the model minority myth originated, including the political forces that triggered it and how it fulfills society’s ideological demands. Society has the need to explain differences among individuals and how they relate to higher success, however, society is influenced by politicians and their own self interests. For example, African American families have been depicted as dysfunctional throughout history and society blames them for their own behavioral difference, but, society fails to consider the political hardships African Americans have endured and how these have ultimately shaped their behavior. The Asian American model minority myth and other racial misconceptions emerged from the need to explain individual differences and from collective ignorance on how domestic and foreign policy affect individual behavior.
    Write Your Own PromptFormula1. X does Y2. AnalysisHow X does Y? OrWhy X does Y?3. Why does it matter that X does Y like that?Rhetoricthe art of discourse, an art that aims toto inform, persuade, or motivate particular authority, the norm, and the dominant    list, match, name, outline, recall, recognize, most of your assignments and tests!ComprehensionGrasp the meaning of materialComprehend, condense, describe, discuss,  situationsHow do I apply what I nowsituation?I passed the written…now to the demonstrate, operate, produce, useAnalysisUnderstand both thethe materialAnalyze, compare, route?Which is the best  knowledge and skillsCompile, create, develop, generalize,   already know… and why?Judge the value of materialAppraise, assess, criticize, defend, evaluate, argument!FormulaX does Y (Levels 1-3)Analysis (Levels 2-4)
  4. In other words, critique or defend someone’s
  5. justify, support
  6. Is that new route any better that what we
  7. Evaluation
  8. Do you know a better route to IKEA?
  9. integrate, propose
  10. Formulate new structures from existing
  11. Synthesis
  12. recipe?
  13. Which is the best
  14. contrast, differentiate
  15. content and structure of
  16. Apply, carry out, construct,
  17. driving test!
  18. understand to a particular
  19. Use learning in new and concrete
  20. Application
  21. distinguish,interpret, locate
  22. Sound familiar? These verbs are found in
  23. reproduce, select, state
  24. The ability to define, describe, identify, label,
  25. Remember previously learned material
  26. Knowledge
  27. *Bloom’s Taxonom*
  28. ideology
  29. Essential in leadership and in questioning
  30. audiences in specific situations
  31. improve the capability of writers or speakers



Title; The Model Minority Myth

Pages; 6

Style; APA

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The Model Minority Myth

A minority is a term used to describe a group that is smaller in number within the demographic distribution of a society. The minority group may be considered the smaller group in terms of race, colour, or, religion as compared to the rest of the society. A model minority is such a small group but which is considered to have achieved more compared to their small numbers, and also compared to the society’s average performance. Such success may be in terms of finance, education, religious stability, or family, and social stability. The Asian Americans comprise such a group, who have fought hard through determination and hard work, to achieve their current status. They can be said to be doing well socially and economically, something that other minority groups should emulate.

The Asian American group is made up of people of Asian origin, who mainly arrived in America between 1850 and 1905 as unskilled labourers. They had arrived in small numbers from Japan, China, Philippines, Korea, and other Asian countries, and with time, their numbers have grown bigger, to recognizable levels, and they at one time tried to amalgamate into one group for political  and financial reasons. More Asians migrated to the United States when immigration rules changed in 1965, leading to more businessmen, engineers, and other professionals and middle income Asians coming to the US. The immigration continued adding to their numbers. They were at one time a source of conflict in America, either among themselves as descendants from different countries, or between themselves and native Americans. They had been labelled “Yellow peril,” and were considered lesser Americans, who could not achieve much in life (Guofang, L., 2005). The conflicts are today nonexistent, and they live in cohesion even with the Native Americans.

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