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The Metamorphosis


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Read Kafka’s The Metamorphosis and Report to an Academy. Answer the following questions in at least one page (at least 300 words).

Reading questions The Metamorphosis:

What do Gregors family members think of his metamorphosis?
What happens to Gregor by the end of the story?
Is there perhaps a second metamorphosis at work?
Reading Question Report to an Academy


The story “before the law’’ is a parable, a common form of writing for kafka. What is a parable

Please describe the two characters in the parable in as much detail as possible. What do we know about them? What do we not know about them

What is “the law” represented? What is the law

What is the significant of being “before” the law?

What is the message of this parable?

Compare and contrast the transformation of Red Peter with the metamorphosis of Gregor.


Title; The Metamorphosis

Length; 1 page (275 words)

Style; MLA

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