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“The Inner Circle” and Europa, Europa”


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The paper will be based on the information gathered from the two movies “The Inner Circle” and Europa, Europa” plus individual research containing 3 resources related to totalitarianism. Students will have to explain what a totalitarian political system is, and to compere and contrast the two most infamous ones in the 20th century: Communism and Nazism. The conclusion should be made on the discussion of how did these two totalitarian regimes contradict the ideas of the Enlightenment.

Paper should be two pages long and double spaced.


Title; “The Inner Circle” and Europa, Europa”

Length; 2 (550 Words)

Style; APA

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Politics affect people in different ways depending on the system of governance adopted by a particular nation or state. Thus, the policies that are formulated and executed by individuals in power have social, cultural, and economic effects on the citizens. The impact can be depicted in movies such as The Inner Circle and the Europa Europa. Moreover, communism and Nazism are some forms of governance with similar and varied aspects, some of which contradict the ideas of Enlightenment.

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