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The Incredibly Shrinking Kmart


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Please read the WSJ article posted for this week and respond to the following questions.This assignment does not have a minimum word requirement; however, be sure to be clear and thorough in your responses. Be sure to rewrite the questions in the file and provide your responses separately.

The file you upload MUST follow the formatting requirements outlined on the syllabus; note that system will not accept late submissions.


1. What changes did Kmart make to its store in Chicago? Why?

2. What measures should Kmart use to evaluate whether the changes to the store were successful?

3. What marketing research methods would you recommend to a retailer like Kmart to learn more about the consumer shopping experience in its stores and to better understand what consumers think about Kmart?

4. Why is Kmart losing so much money? What is Kmart CEO Ed Lampert doing to try to improve the retailer’s performance.

Attached is the WSJ article, please write this paper follow the instructions.


Title; The Incredibly Shrinking Kmart

Length; 3 pages (825 words)

Style; MLA