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The Growth of Adult Corrections in the United States


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The objective of this assignment is to evaluate the history of the correctional populations since 1980, a summary of the growth pattern of adult corrections in the United States, and some conclusions regarding the probable impact of the trend you identify upon the correctional system and the criminal justice system or state jurisdiction, if appropriate. Students are you use at least three peer reviewed journal articles relating to the growth of adult correctional in the United States. Please ensure you address the followig issues in the essay:

overall growth of adult correctional (prison) populations in the United States
identification of the key factors associated with the growth pattern
the impact associated with this growth in corrections
the possible solutions to correctional population growth
the probable results of the identified correctional growth trend.


Title;  The Growth of Adult Corrections in the United States

Pages; 5

Style; APA

Paper Review

The Growth of Adult Corrections in the United States

In the recent years, the criminal rate in the US has been on the rise. As such, the government has continuously improved the capacity and the efficiency of the prisons to accommodate the rising number of convicts (Pfaff, 2008). The main cause of the increased crime rates is the increase in population, which increases the number of criminals at constant factors. Additionally, the increased population leads to increased social dynamics and internal conflict leading to increased caseload and thus more convicts. The purpose of this paper is to examine the growth of adult correction facilities in the US over the years. The paper also gives an in-depth analysis of the factors that has led to growth and the current and future consequences of the trend. After the analysis, the paper gives well-thought recommendations to subdue the current growth trend.

Pfaff (2008), in his article, the empirics of Prison growth: A critical Review and Path forward, undertakes a study on the numerical growth in the US capacities since the early 1920’s. Since the early 1920s, the population of the US prisons steadied until early 1970’s. During this period, there was no intentional expansion of then prison as a government agenda although expansions happened in specific places. However, after the 1970, the prison population in the US started to grow at stealthy rate, which has been palpable even to date (Pfaff 2008). He also estimated that the incarceration rates in the US have been on the rise since the same time. However, the study identified that the growth depicted different trend in different states. Probably due to the different state laws and the different, enhance methods applied. For instance, the prison population grew by approximately 59% in North California since 1997 to 2004. However, with the same time, Mississippi had a prison growth of 538% while North Dakota had had a growth of 678%.

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