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Scenario for Miss Eva Walters

Scenario for Miss Eva Walters Essay


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Scenario for Miss Eva Walters Essay

  1. Use Microsoft PowerPoint to create four slides, which will be the basis of the guide or handout. You are encouraged to cite your source(s) as it relates to your criteria slide. Other citations are permitted, but this is not a requirement for the assignment. (Scenario for Miss Eva Walters Essay)
    1) Scenario Slide: This slide should include your name. Next, outline a brief scenario, then identify a patient who is seeking information about a specific disease process or diagnosis. Be sure to include the nurse’s assessment of learning needs and the patient or family member’s readiness to learn. Be specific.
    Scenario for Mr. Jones
    Jane Doe (your name here)
    Mr. Jones is a 54-year-old male recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.
    • His wife has accompanied him to the oncologist’s office.
    • Both have a high school education.
    • Mr. Jones has no interest in his diagnosis; his father died at an early age from pancreatic cancer, and he thinks nothing can be done.
    • Mrs. Jones is greatly interested in any treatment; she has been searching on the Internet for alternative cures.
    • Mrs. Jones has asked the nurse for help on how to determine whether a website is credible.
    2) Criteria Slide: This slide should address at least four criteria used to evaluate websites. View Evaluating Internet Health Information: A Tutorial from the National Library of Medicine at, your text, and other references. The task is to explain how to determine the credibility of websites and teach it to the patient and/or caregiver described in the Scenario Slide. Concentrate on evaluation of information, not how to search. Assume that the patient or caregiver has basic Internet searching skills, a computer in the home, and can enter words in the query box in a search engine, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and so forth. The idea is to teach your patients how to evaluate websites (suspect and credible) as they relate to a specific disease process or diagnosis.
    The format of the criteria should be logical and easy to read, for example, a table, checklist, or Q & A. Be creative! Language should be appropriate for the educational level of the audience, in other words, the patient and/or caregiver as described in the Scenario Slide. Note: This is the only slide that requires a citation.
    3) Suspect Site Slide: This slide should give the name and description of a suspect website. The suspect website must be related to the disease or diagnosis identified in the scenario. However, the site does not meet the criteria for a credible site, for example, gives inaccurate information, and so forth. You must provide a working link to the site. Wikipedia is not acceptable! Explain why the site is suspect based on the criteria you outlined in the Criteria Slide.
    4) Credible Site Slide: This slide should give the name and description of a credible website that you would recommend to the patient and/or caregiver/family member. The website must be appropriate for the general public and address the disease process or diagnosis identified in the Scenario Slide. Avoid sites that are aimed at healthcare professionals. Explain why the site is credible based on criteria that you outlined in the Criteria Slide.
    B. If you need assistance using PowerPoint, search tutorials about how to use PowerPoint on the Microsoft Office site.
    C. The following are the scholarly writing requirements for this assignment.
    a. Your name appears on the Scenario Slide.
    b. Four slides should be submitted. Points will be deducted for additional slides.
    c. The four slides pertain to the
    I. scenario;
    II. criteria for selection of credible sites;
    III. suspect site; and
    IV. credible site.
    d. The links for the suspect and credible sites are working and formatted correctly.
    e. Punctuation and sentence structure are correct with no spelling or grammatical errors.
    f. Graphics, colored slides, and interesting backgrounds are welcome; however, they are not part of the criteria for this assignment and are not considered for grading purposes.
    D. Review the section on Academic Honesty found in the RNBSN Policies. All work must be original (in your own words) unless properly cited.


Title: Scenario for Miss Eva Walters

Pages: 5 ppt Slides

Style: MLA

Paper Review

Scenario for Miss Eva Walters

(Your Name Here)

  • Miss Walters is a 32-year-old female who has been struggling with obesity since the age of 13.
  • Miss Walters, who has a Diploma in Criminal Justice, weighs 265 lbs.
  • Her elder sister, Mary has accompanied her to the Bariatric doctor’s office. Mary has a high school education.
  • Miss Walters has tried many weight losing procedures but none has worked so far. She is almost giving up on life but she is also willing to try one more time.
  • Mary has been assisting Eva lose weight and is now asking the nurse on how to find a credible website that can be of help to Eva’s situation.

How to Determine the Credibility of a Website

  • One needs to look out for the following information:
  • Who runs the website? Credible websites include the information about organization or individuals who run the websites, their contacts, credentials, and physical address.
  • When was the information published? One must check if the information provided by the website is up-to-date to match its purpose.
  • What is the domain of the Website? Domains such as .org, .com, and .net can be easily purchased by any individual. However, some domains, such as .edu and .gov are reserved for universities and governments respectively; they are, therefore, more credible.
  • What is the source of the information? Credible websites always cite the source of their information and it could be scientific journals, academics books, or any other scholarly article