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“Jesse Owens Racism”


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– Simple writing
– use the directions & look at the examples which is, in the file.
– There is a book about this topic you going to use it in order to put it as a source just once, and you can use other online sources for my topic.

– I have done the outline with 3 headings, you can just add one more to make it 4 headings. Here is my outline you can follow it and start write the “Research Paper.


1. Owens faced racism when he was young
a. When he was a child in Alabama.
b. At Ohio state.

2. Owens faced racism At the1936 Olympics
a. Hitler ideas about racial superiority
b. Hitler snubbed Owens
c. Owens witnessed prejudice against Jewish runners

3. Owens faced racism After the Olympics
a. Parade discrimination at NYC hotel
b. He could not find job


Title; “Jesse Owens Racism”

Length; 4 pages (1100 words)

Style; APA