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“Exploring Strategy”


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“Exploring Strategy”

This is the following task of the previous task you completed for me. It was the 500 words on Nike shoes. That was the topic you chose, since it was free to choose from, so this is the continuing part of that. That was 20% of my final mark and this one is 60%.

Assignment 3:

Strategy Evaluation (60% of overall marks)

For your chosen organisation:

  • Introduce the organisation and identify its strategy. (Guideline: circa 200 words)
  • Evaluate the Suitability, Acceptability and Feasibility of the strategy taking account of key factors relating to the strategic position of the organisation and the strategic choices it faces. (Guideline: circa 1,300 words)
  • Consider the relative merits of a potential alternative strategy for the (Guideline: circa 500 words)

Your attention is directed to the fact that there are three parts to this task, with marks weighted roughly in proportion to the guideline word counts. Each of which must be answered properly. Each part feeds into the next and so your work will be marked as a whole as well as for the individual parts. A key component of the challenge is to identify what are the core issues and to present them succinctly within the word limit.

Your report will be assessed based on the content within the main body of your report (within the word limit). However, you are expected to make use of Appendices to capture analysis contained within key models and frameworks that you use to evaluate your organisation’s strategy – at the very least these should include Appendices capturing your findings from the in-class presentations made as part of Assignment 1 (these may be updated based on feedback from peers and staff and from further analysis). Your argument in the main text should refer to and build on the analysis captured within these Appendices though your main argument and key findings must be included in the body of your report.

In addition:

  • You are advised to look carefully at the marking criteria (see relevant section below).
  • You are expected to find information from multiple suitable sources, such as academic literature, quality press, trade journals, analyst reports and information provided by the company. You are expected to critically evaluate supporting information as part of your
  • The word limit of 2,000 words does not include the cover page, reference list or appendices (there is no “10% rule” – words in excess of 2,000 may not be marked).
  • An Executive Summary is not

Additional guidance:

  • Research: We expect you to have completed a substantial amount of relevant research to support your analysis and findings. This might typically include identification of key competitors (or strategic groups of competitors), key groups of suppliers and groups of customers, performance indicators that analysts use to review success in the sector, analysis of the concentration of market shares, etc. It is important that your research enables you to understand the sector, the trends, and the drivers of change that influence it – please ensure that you consider trends over the last five
  • The importance of using course concepts, models and frameworks: The module is designed to teach you about the tools of strategic management and how to use them. Work which is essentially “descriptive” in nature will fail, so please evaluate and prioritise your findings in all

Assignment length 

The length of an assignment is limited by a set number words to contribute towards the development of writing skills and to ensure all work is assessed equitably. We therefore require you to complete your assignments within the number of 2,000 words specified in the assignment brief.

You will need to think carefully about how best to explain your case within the permitted number words, using, for example, an appropriate mix of text, drawings, diagrams and tables, supplemented by information contained in appendices.

Please also remember that a report can be enhanced or damaged through layout, for example, placing all tables and drawings in appendices can hamper the flow of discussion. Decisions therefore need to be made about the most appropriate place to use tables etc, to support your case.

The specified word count refers to the main body of the report and does not include front cover, title page, contents page, reference list or appendices. The word count does include headings, tables and in-text citations, but not equations or diagrams.

Appendices themselves will not be marked. However, inappropriate use of appendices will be taken into consideration when awarding the final mark.

Words that exceed the maximum allowed will not be marked. If in doubt, you should discuss this with the Module Leader before submission.


Title; “Exploring Strategy”

Pages; 7

Style; Harvard

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Exploring Strategy

Nike is a global leader in apparel and supply of sports shoes. It manufactures athletic equipment that attracts annual sales revenue of more than $20 billion. Bill Bowerman created the firm as Blue Ribbon Sports in the year 1962. In 1978, the organization was rebranded as Nike Inc. in reference to the Greek Victory Goddess. Currently, Nike owns subsidiaries such as Converse, Umbro, Cole Haan, and Hurley International. Nike centers its mission statement on the leadership of corporate citizenship through the initiation of proactive programs to reflect utmost care for the global family of customers, teammates and Nike’s service providers (Korzeniewicz. 2014). Nike’s strategy is prioritized on customers to ensure their satisfaction. The prioritization is evident on Nike’s website, where the organization’s strategists customize the products to raise the level of customer loyalty.

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