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Dragons Smoke Hooka Bar

Dragons Smoke Hooka Bar


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Dragons Smoke Hooka Bar


Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to observe human behavior in a natural setting. (Dragons Smoke Hooka Bar)

Directions: Conduct an observation of human interactions in a public place (Dragon’s Smoke Hooka Bar). The location of the observation is located in downtown Tumon, Guam. Your site needs to be one where you can observe sexual interactions.


–   conducted in a public place.

– cover sheet required with your name, date, title of paper, course, and professors name.

– page number on pages, contain 4 or more cited sources from class material with one cite in your conclusion and a reference page.

here is wide variation with regard to the content of your observation report, but here is the basic format:


Include the information your reader needs to put the observation in context. Briefly describe the setting, the emotional climate, the demographic makeup of the participants, and so on, along with any other information you think is pertinent.

Behavioral Results

Describe in sufficient detail specific behaviors you observed. This component of the paper should answer the question, “What happened in this observation?” and should focus on the factual and visible aspects. You may want to identify the unwritten rules in the setting. For example, in a bar setting, one of the unwritten rules may be that two people pair off and dance on the dance floor. This material will form the basis for any conclusions you draw in the final section of the paper.


Draw conclusions based on what you saw during the observation. This section will demonstrate what you learned during the observation. It should connect to the course materials and answer the question, “What can be concluded from what happened in this observation?” Include your opinion of what happened include a cited source from class materials (showing class material to behavior).

Observations that demonstrate critical thinking and analysis include components such as

identification of assumptions regarding setting
accurate assessment of behaviors
presentation of corollary positions and perspectives
development of conclusions based on behaviors observed
discussion of potential or actual implications of behaviors
listing of consequences resulting from specific behaviors
posing of critical questions regarding problems or issues that could result from behaviors observed.


Title: Dragons Smoke Hooka Bar

Pages: 5

Style: APA

Paper Review


The setting is in Dragon’s Smoke Hookah Bar situated in Tumon on the island of Guam. Selling beer products and offering other services such as entertainment, the bar is packed to capacity with people who have gone to have a good time and enjoy their time. On this particular evening of the study, loud music is coming from the large loudspeakers located at strategic positions inside the bar.

The emotional climate in the bar is what may be best described as eccentric. The individuals inside the bar get excited on anything that stirs up their feelings. The crowd is also very unruly with everyone striving to have their presence felt. For the demographics, most of people inside the bar are of age with the largest percentage over the sixteen years.

Additionally, the income level of individuals in Dragon Smoke Hookah Bar is medium with few of the individuals belonging to high end income levels. Actually, by mere observation of the cars parked outside the bar, spending patterns, and other aspects such as the attires that the persons have adorned, it is simple to tell that the people belong to middle class economic category (Norton, 2011).

For the sex of the people, most of them are males with females constituting about a third of the crowd inside the bar on this particular evening. Interestingly, most of the female attendants are either spouses to the male inside the bar, or their fiancés. However, many of the employees including the waiters are females.

For the education level of the people inside the bar, it is easy to assess that many of them have at least the first college degrees. This aspect can be evaluated by use of the aforementioned categorization of the people into economic income groups; which may be ostensibly evaluated by observing the expenditure patterns of the individuals.

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