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Hello, I have a Garage that does Vinyl wrap and plastic dipping, window tint, and paint protection. I want a straight forward disclaimer and I don’t want it to be long that it gets boring. Below are what I gathered online from some websites that has the same business. Pretty much below is what matters to me the most. You can sum it up, rephrase it and add stuff. Thank you. (Disclaimer)

You will be charged for cleaning of the vehicle if it is dirty upon arrival.
A vehicle wrap is not a paint job!
You may see some imperfections on certain hard line contour areas.
Even though we always try to have zero overlapping panels, we cant always guarantee this.
We use the best quality film available to us. We also over-laminate the film for extra fade and scratch protection.
We warrantee the film for 1 year against fading and de-lamination when applied to a good factory paint job. Expect 5 to 7 years, average, of use for your wrapped ride!
We inspect the vehicle for imperfections and 99% of the times have no problems when removing the film if the wrap is taken off. If you have a less than perfect paint job, there can be minimal lifting of paint or clear coating.
We will inspect the vehicle for troubled paint or rust areas and note that there is not a guarantee that the film will hold up on those spots.
If you have waxed your car repeatedly, it must be de-waxed before we can do the job

On certain inverted areas and body contours, you may see some lifting of the vinyl. We will touch up those areas for free for the first year. We use a special primer adhesive on those areas, but cant guarantee vinyl lifts wont happen. We cannot replace a panel just for a simple vinyl lift, but will do our best to work it back into the valley of the inverted contour.

If the Client cancels the order before its completion, the Client shall be responsible for the cost of any proofs, artwork, materials and work done until cancellation notice is received in writing. In addition, Bigidea Wraps reserves the right to charge a 15% cancellation charge in addition to the actual charges to cover unbilled internal costs including but not limited to scheduling, client communications and resources utilized. Bigidea Wraps will gladly re-image any job that has problems due to an error on the part of Bigidea Wraps. This does not include software limitations or improper set-up of a job. Bigidea Wraps will not be held responsible for errors in work after final client sign-off or neglect of final sign-off. No claims will be honored after 24 hours of receipt of any completed and delivered work.

Poor surface paint or clear coats will not allow the vinyl adhesive to stick properly and the adhesive may fail.

The wrap material that is used for vehicle wraps, does not stick very well to plastic or rubber parts such as window trims, side plastic moldings and plastic door handles. It is advised that these areas NOT be wrapped with adhesive vinyl. Initially the vinyl will stick , but over a short period of time such as a few months, the vinyl will fall off these areas.

Additional Charges: A $60 fee will be added to the invoice for all vehicles that have not been recently washed (i.e., the vehicle must be clean, not waxed). This fee includes the labor cost of washing your vehicle by our certified installers. To avoid this charge, please wash your vehicle before your installation specialist arrives on-site.

1.1) All vehicles must be cleaned and washed before we can accept them for vehicle graphics. They must be free from all dirt and debris. If the vehicle does not come clean we will charge a $75 Cleaning Fee. Once we have your clean vehicle, we wipe down the vehicle with a certified cleaning agent. All graphics should be removed prior to installation, if they are not we will charge a removal fee depending on the graphics that need to be removed.
2.2) All vehicles must have a proper paint finish (automotive grade paint, NOT PRIMER). All paint must be clean without rust or corrosion. If the vehicles finish is not in good condition, all vinyl installed will not be warranted.
3.3) All extra options on the vehicle that inhibit the installation of graphics must be removed prior, by the client. Examples: RV awning, ladders, special lights, speakers, roof racks, etc. If we are required to remove any of these items, there will be a charge of $75.00 per hour to remove and reinstall these items. Items that we will remove at no charge are mirrors, reflectors, lights and small emblems. We remove these items to ensure the best possible installation and final appearance of your wrap.
4.4) When we install vehicle graphics we use knifes to cut the vinyl. Sometimes the knife can cause small lines in the paint finish of the vehicle and when the vinyl is removed the lines may be seen. These are typically only on the clear coat and can be buffed out by an auto paint professional. This is accepted as an industry standard way of installing graphics and needs to be understood by the owner of the vehicle. we do not cover this damage under their/our warranty.

5.6) Installing vinyl around door handles, mirrors, door locks, wiper mounts, antenna, roof racks, etc. is very difficult and sometimes impossible to make look perfect. It is common to cut the vinyl around these areas and piece in extra vinyl to cover the extra body areas that the vinyl could not cover.
6.7) You can expect that the vinyl will have small wrinkles, bubbles and minor imperfections. You need to understand that this is not paint. If you expect a perfect vehicle graphic that is flawless, than an airbrush paint job is the best way to proceed.


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All vehicles should be clean upon arrival; otherwise, $75 will be required as cleaning charge. The vehicle must not possess any graphics or else an extra charge will be required for the removal of the graphics. All vehicles should have a proper paint finish free from rust and corrosion. It should be noted that a vehicle wrap is not a paint job! If the vehicle is not in the desired state, all vinyl installed will be unwarranted. There will be a charge of $75 per hour for the removal of any extra options that inhibit the installation of graphics. These options include special lights, ladders, roof racks, RV awning and speakers among others. We are not responsible for any damage incurred during the removal or/and re-installation of these items.

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