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(Cyber War) by Richard A. Clarke


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Write a summary of this book, and some key points per chapter if any , and a conclusion. In the conclusion it need to state things that you gathered from the book.


Title: (Cyber War) by Richard A. Clarke

Pages: 3

Style: APA

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Cyber War Summary

Richard Clarke was right when he warned the United States of an imminent terrorist havoc that would wreak the national security. The government took his predictions lightly. In his Cyber War book, he signals of another silent but dangerous threat. The novel entails the government structure, technological advancements, and military counter-strategies. It features stories about criminal minds, soldiers, spies, and hackers. Experts argue that Cyber War is one of the first books that cover on the war of the future and how the United States and the West are at a peril of losing.

Chapter 1, 2

In the first chapter, Richard Clarke explores beyond the “geek-talk” of computer scientist and reputed hackers to expound convincingly and clearly the meaning of cyber war, the workings of cyber weapons, and the extent of vulnerability as a web of cyber criminals loom. The author documents the initial cyber crisis meeting conducted in the White House more than a decade ago and its importance in the successive introduction of policies to monitor cyber activity. He reveals the presence of underground electrical tunnels in Manhattan that can possibly serve as launch points of future cyber wars.  Furthermore, Clarke traces the rise of information technology and cyber age as he profiles the unlikely places and characters at the battlefield epicenter.

Clarke demonstrates his experience as a one-time government agent when he insightfully gave a unique perspective on state operations. This helps the reader to understand the problems faced by the federal government during the conception of comprehensive national security strategies. He openly criticizes the government unwillingness and inability to hand over cyber security standards to private firms. He gives instances of China and Russia’s strengthening cyber defenses because of state regulation and oversight of ISPs (Internet Service Providers).

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