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Comparative Summary


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Comparative Summary 

Identify one entity from each health care financial environment identified in the Financial Environments Worksheet. 

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word summary comparing the financial environments of these three entities. 

Address the following for each environment:

  • Describe the financial structure.
  • Which policies are unique to the financial environment?
  • Which financial management practices are prevalent in the financial environment?
  • Explain why effective financial management is more difficult in health care than in other industries. 

Format your assignment according to APA guidelines. 

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Financial Environments Worksheet


Identify three specific examples of entities with for-profit, not-for-profit, and government financial environments in the health care industry. Compare the similarities and differences between the for-profit, not-for-profit, and government financial environments.


For-Profit Organizations Not-for-Profit Organizations Government Organizations
Specific Examples 1. Private Practice

2. Clinic/ Physician Groups

3. Outpatient Surgical Center

1. Charity Hospitals (religious


2. American Red Cross

3. Charitable Physicians

Groups such as Doctors

Without Borders.


1. VA Hospitals

2. State funded health clinics

3. Agencies that provide funding for alcoholism and narcotics addiction

Similarities between Environments ·         No matter the environment, all revenues must be documented.

·         All expenses must be documented.

·         Runs its usual procedures and practices for the business.

·         Pressure from government regulation is increasing.




Differences between Environments 1. Required to pay taxes

2. Do not accept charity cases

3. Management is directed

toward making a profit for

the owners.

4. Require investors

1.As long as the organization   meets the strict government standards, it is granted tax-exempt status.

2. The business must be run so as to serve the public, rather than private, interests.

3. If the company is liquidated, any revenues generated by the sale

1. Classified as either federal or public hospitals.

2. Owned by the government

3. Is a provider of health insurance (i.e.     Medicare and Medicaid) as well as, health services.


Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Financial Environments Worksheet.

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Title; Comparative Summary

Length; 4 pages (1200 words)

Style; APA