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America in Great War


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America in Great War

1. Evaluate the importance of U.S. industrial expansion, its role in the evolution of big business, and how issues like
immigration, corruption, graft, and inefficient government contributed to urban poverty and political machines.
2. Compare and contrast the 19th century values of the Gilded Age and the Progressive Era.
3. Interpret the influence of the rise of leisure in America on society, including the impact on segregation and access
to opportunity.
4. Use historical analysis to evaluate contradictory theories and perspectives concerning American Imperialism,
including expansionism, foreign policy, and trade.
5. Explain the reasons for the shift from isolation to intervention during the World Wars and the evolution of the U.S.
as a superpower.
6. Evaluate the role the U.S. played during the Cold War era from Korea to the fall of the Berlin Wall.
7. Analyze the changes initiated by civil rights movements and our current century’s social, political, and economic
8. Evaluate the challenges and opportunities of the America of today and tomorrow in consideration of terrorism,
globalization, and technological progress.


Title; America in great war

Length; 2 pages (550 words)

Style; APA