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Alice Walker

I’ve given you verbal instruction on how to
> write/complete your Persuasive MLA Documented Essay and, as promised, I am
> now giving you instruction through the written word.
> First, you are to select an author as detailed above from our College
> Writing II text. When you select the author, you are then to research for
> the author’s biography and three (3) short stories written by the author.
> You should try to utilize RCC’s database for these as that may be the most
> accessible means of finding the works, but may also give you the most
> variety of works to choose from. Another way is to take a literature book
> off a shelf in the library, which could be an Anthology that may contain 3
> works by your author. Also, if you find ONE (1) short story by that author
> in our text that we have not covered you may use one (1) from there.
> When you begin your essay, you MUST have an introductory paragraph that
> will have your thesis as its last sentence (paragraph should be a minimum
> of four sentences—your three general sentences and then your thesis).
> Your second paragraph should be the biography of your author. This may not
> be found in the same place as the short stories, so this may require an
> additional citation on your Works Cited page, as well as an additional
> in-text citation in the biography paragraph.
> As for the 3 works by your author, each piece should be summarized by you
> and should include: some analyses of what the author was trying to impress,
> naming character(s) in the work and their role of importance in the story,
> and at least two quotes from the work, done, of course, in MLA style.
> This paper needs to be a minimum of 3 ½ pages and no more than 4 ½ pages,
> plus your Works Cited page.
> You will have a header of your last name and page number on the top right
> (set up as a header) and you will follow MLA format of your heading on the
> top left of the first page (see sample MLA essay in your Writers Manual or
> at Library Site). The entire paper will be double spaced, 1” margins all
> around, and must have Times New Roman 12 font.
> Be conscious of your grammar and punctuation throughout this paper as you
> do not want to lose points on errors of this nature! Remember to edit and
> revise as you go along, read aloud to catch errors, and read backwards to
> be certain your sentences are complete thoughts (not fragments or run on


Title; Alice walker

length; 3 pages (825 words)

style; MLA