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Assignment Description:
Students will be required to select and evaluate a research article on evidenced-based practice that relates to nursing practice and health assessment by providing:
 The link to the electronic source for the article.
 A brief summary and critique of that article.
Learning Objectives:
 Describe and summarize the content and essential argument of the article in a concise format.
 Select a research article that pertains to the management of health for a specific population (i.e.: stage in life cycle, medical condition, cultural/ethnicbackground).
 Critique the selected research article related to evidenced-based practice.
 Practice critical thinking skills in critical reading. Required Format:
The assignment must be 2-3 pages (not counting resources)
 Name of the author (s), title of the article, type of journal, volume number, date, and page numbers.
 A paragraph abstract of the article to summarize the essential content/ideas.
 A paragraph describing your view of the article’s balance. Did the writer address
both sides of the issue? Was there bias involved and if so, slanted towards
which side? What is your evidence of this bias or imbalance?
 A paragraph describing your opinion of the article’s quality and your own position:
o Did the writer do sufficient research?
o Is the article technically correct and clearly presented and supported?
o Are there elements of the argument that could have been enhanced with
more detail or more argumentation?
o What would a follow-up article contain to be useful to this one? o Did you agree with the article?
o Did it support or change your opinion? If not, then why?
 The final paper should be typed, double-spaced on one side of white standard (8
1⁄2 X 11 inch) paper. Proofread your final copy carefully to avoid spelling or grammatical errors.
Suggested Sources:
 Peer-reviewed journals
 Web Sources – If you’re not sure of the quality of the source, check with the
Instructor/Faculty/Librarian first.
Not so good sources:
 Non-research journals – These are not great sources for evidenced-based practice articles, but rather provide basic information and/or explanations of a disease process, medications, etc.
Grading Criteria:
 100 point scale
o Quality of Article – 20%
o Abstract and Summary – 20%
o Article Analysis – 40%
o Quality of Writing and APA Format – 20%



Length; 2 pages (550 words)

Style; APA

Paper Preview

Article Review

Giger, J., Davidhizar, R. E., Purnell, L., Harden, J. T., Phillips, J., & Strickland, O. (2007).

American Academy of Nursing Expert Panel Report Developing cultural competence to eliminate health disparities in ethnic minorities and other vulnerable populations. Journal of Transcultural Nursing,18(2), 95-102.

The article looks into ways that nurses could ensure equality for all ethnic and racial minorities in the United States. Nursing managers have raised concerns on the need to bridge the gap in the achievement of cultural competence and health disparities. The authors provide recommendations to assist nursing managers plan the appropriate strategies and policies that would guarantee progression of evidence-based practice and removal of ethnic, racial, and religious disparities in acquisition of nursing care.

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