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Advanced English Grammar


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LIN205H5S Advanced English Grammar

Assignment #1

***** This assignment consists of five pages. *****


Due February 1st 2016 (in tutorial)


Last name: _________________________ First name: ________________________________
Student number: ___________________________
Tutorial section: __________________ TOTAL: _____/50


PART A – VERB TYPES: For each of the underlined verbs, (1) state whether it is an auxiliary or a main verb. For the main verbs, (2) state whether they are copulas or not. For the main verbs which are not copulas, (3) state whether they are intransitive or transitive. (Thus, there are four possible answers: “AUXILIARY”, “MAIN, COPULA”, “MAIN, NON-COPULA, INTRANSITIVE”, and “MAIN, NON-COPULA, TRANSITIVE”). [10 marks; 1 mark per sentence]


1. Do you think it will rain? ______________________________
2. I have enough money to take the trip. ______________________________
3. I have had enough of her nonsense. ______________________________
4. The words might hurt more than actions. ______________________________
5. He might be at my apartment. ______________________________
6. I did my homework last night. ______________________________
7. Most likely he never went. ______________________________
8. My friend felt so miserable yesterday. ______________________________
9. Ignorance runs deep in those parts. ______________________________
10. She runs in the morning. ______________________________


PART B – VERB PHRASES: Convert the following abstract representations of the verb phrases into actual verb phrases. Assume in each case that the subject is They. [8 marks; 1 mark per sentence]


1. Pres + have + -en +work ______________________________
2. Pres + will + be + -ing +play ______________________________
3. Past + be + -ing + be ______________________________
4. Pres + be + -ing + have ______________________________
5. Past + shall + have + -en + have ______________________________
6. Past + have + -en + have ______________________________


LIN205H5S Advanced English Grammar Instructor: M. Petrescu
7. Past + can + have + -en + be ______________________________
8. Pres + may + have + -en + be + -ing + try ______________________________

PART C – SENTENCE TYPES: For each of the sentences, state whether it is Type I, II, III, IV, or V based on what we did in class in Weeks 2 and 3. [10 marks; 1 mark per sentence]


1. The landlord handed me the keys. ______________________________
2. She seemed a nice person. _______________________
3. He jogs in the morning. ______________________________
4. They never gave us a penny. ______________________________
5. She became a teacher upon graduation. ______________________________
6. The students are not in the library. ______________________________
7. The baby cries all night every night. ______________________________
8. LIN205 is on Wednesdays. ______________________________
9. That show was over the top ______________________________
10. That she was clueless was obvious. ______________________________

PART D – PHRASES: Identify the type of each of the underlined phrases in the text. Remember to only label the underlined part (i.e., do not include words that are not underlined in the phrases you’re labelling). [10 marks; 1 mark per phrase]

(1) On a frigid night (2) in the Arctic, as the full moon slips behind a veil of ice crystals, (3) an Inuit woman named Leesee Papatsie slides her shopping cart into a supermarket on a singular mission. She dodges the $12 boxes of Rice Krispies and $9 bottles of ketchup, and (4) zeroes in on finding affordable food.

The outing is an exercise in sticker shock. In (5) the meat fridge, two rib-eye steaks cost $26. Frozen chicken nuggets are nearly $23. The fresh strawberries are just $5, but five ears of corn are $8. Ms. Papatsie stops at the fridge lined with orange juice, at $11.99 a pop. “I love those,” she says, eyeing the (6) orange cartons, “but I’m not spending $12 on them.”

Ms. Papatsie is a slight, quiet-spoken mother of five who has become something of a trail-blazing rebel. Breaking with custom among the Inuit, she (7) sparked a grassroots protest against crushing food prices that she says are hurting her people. (8) In a land where families struggle to make it through long, sunless winters, (9) frustrations have grown that federal programs have failed to deliver relief from high food prices. Even with only one child left at home, Ms. Papatsie (10) spends $600 a week on groceries, and she says it’s not uncommon to


LIN205H5S Advanced English Grammar                                                                                    Instructor: M. Petrescu

open a refrigerator in Iqaluit and find ketchup and soy sauce but little else. [Adapted from The Globe and Mail, January 20th, 2014]


  • _______________________


  • _______________________


  • _______________________


  • _______________________


  • _______________________


  • _______________________


  • _______________________


  • _______________________


  • _______________________


  • _______________________

PART E – PHRASE MARKERS: Draw the phrase marker for each of the five sentences below. Do not gloss over details; draw all the details, including the main verb phrase. If you didn’t take LIN204 at UTM last term, look at Chapter 7 and the Week 1 lecture from this course for the structure of the main verb phrase. [10 marks; 2 marks per phrase marker]

  1. She will be sending the money shortly.

3 LIN205H5S Advanced English Grammar

  1. My wife snores all night every night.
  1. Simone looked like a ghost.


LIN 205 H5S Advanced English Grammar

  1. I have been a student since my childhood.
  1. She is at work today.


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