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Administrative Laws When Opening a Restaurant in Oklahoma-1

Administrative Laws when Opening a Restaurant in Oklahoma, USA.


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Administrative Laws when Opening a Restaurant in Oklahoma, USA

Presentation about the administrative laws that i need to address when creating a restaurant in TULSA,OKLAHOMA. USA.
for example, 1- Oklahoma able commission regarding liquor license, so the slide has to mention key points about it and the paper should have a paragrapgh that will guide me to explain why and how will i be encountering this law.
2- Oklahoma health department that deals with food handling requirements.
3- mention Oklahoma administrative procedure act and how it is essential to know any other acts in oklahoma regarding administrative laws for creating a business.
finally, the presentation has to be well organized with the power point slides and the main goal is for me to understand and be able to talk about the importance for these laws and acts in my slides for me in creating my restaurant. Please make it simple and easy to understand but the same time more opinion oriented because it is a group presentation that will last 1 hour and i need to be able to memorize the info in the paper while i go over my slides in front of the class.

note: simply if i mention 3 different administrative laws and how i will encounter them in creating my business, so for example sanitization will be a topic under health department which is an administrative branch that has administrative laws i need to include. And what are the things that will make me pick this place over another. in such health department in Oklahoma has a specific act, ADMS laws that will guide me and help me in keeping it a successful business plan.


Title; Administrative Laws when Opening a Restaurant in Oklahoma, USA.

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