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Adaptive Communication Device Review

Adaptive Communication Device Review


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Adaptive Communication Device Review

I. Augmentative/Assistive/Adaptive Communication Device Review

Each candidate enrolled in this course will be required to choose an augmentative communication device to review and present to the class. The device you choose must be appropriate for use in the K-12 setting as a support to students with mild/moderate exceptional learner needs. You will need to have approval from the course instructor prior to undertaking your research on the device. This is to insure that no two students choose the same device. (Adaptive Communication Device Review)
You may choose a device with which you have some familiarity. Perhaps you have seen a device in use during your field experience(s) or you personally know someone who uses an augmentative communication device. If you choose this option, you may use first person feedback, i.e. feedback from the user, his/her teacher or her/his family as part of your reference data.
You may also choose to investigate an unfamiliar device. Perhaps you have heard reference to a specific device or your research on one of the weblinks provided below stimulates your interest in a device.
Your presentation must not only address the usefulness of the device, including ease of use, cost, and durability, but also it must address the support resources that come with the device. This includes tech support, student, family and/or teacher support training provided access to upgrades as they become available and access to repair as needed. Remember you are reviewing a device to be used by a child!! Peripheral concerns like portability, safety etc. should be part of your overall presentation.
ABOVE ALL YOU SHOULD FOCUS ON HOW THE DEVICE ASSISTS OR COULD ASSIST THE CHILD’S COMMUNICATION NEEDS. Remember the device was or will be chosen in response to a documented communication need by a child with an exceptional learner need.
When you have chosen your device, notify your instructor for approval, then engage in your research. Your presentation on your device will be given during the final examination period for the course. Your presentation should be 10 minutes in length with an accompanying PowerPoint presentation and a 1-2 page fact sheet with copies for all students in the class.
1. Power Point Presentation on augmentative communication device
a. Must include professional references
b. Must include FACT sheet with all links and resources
i. Note this is to be given to each student in the classroom
c. Must include data from online resources
Suggested Web Sites for Additional Information: National Specialized Professional Association for Special Education Teachers and Teacher Candidates Focuses on improving access to technology for persons with ELN National Organization of Rare Disorders Southeast Ohio Special Education Regional Resource Center National Institute of Mental Health.


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