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Adaptation to Workplace Changes and Reactions by Workers and Families


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As the American workplace has adapted its structure and culture to outside forces, the adaptations (such as location of jobs, changes in needed job skills, and organizational restructuring) have had an impact on employees and their families. Describe the way these adaptations have affected workers and families and analyze the responses of workers and families.
The paper should tie together and synthesize concepts from the course and analyze relevant sociological concepts.
The paper should acknowledge changes in the workplace over time.
The paper should analyze ways that global, economic, social, and cultural trends have influenced the workplace


Title; Adaptation to Workplace Changes and Reactions by Workers and Families

Pages; 12

Style; APA

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The review focuses on the changes that the American workplace has undergone with a special focus on adaptations implemented.  Specific trends in the global, economic, social, and cultural environments will be considered. Also, the analysis examines how the trends have affected employees and their families. Their responses to such change will also be an important area of focus. Thorough research on the topic will be conducted and credible primary sources will be used. In an effort to understand the topic and real life examples of organizations that have undergone change will be provided. The highlights show how employees and their families reacted to such changes and how they adopted. Industries and various companies have been affected by the change and are forced to adapt to the research that will focus on workers and their families. A comprehensive look into the effects of trends in the global, social, cultural, and economic trends will ensure that the discussion is all-inclusive.

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