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A local municipality, Fantasty land, WY, has recently implemented a new social technology policy in an effort to provide a higher level of transparency with regard to the governance of their city.

In an effort to improve communication between key employees and residents, the city council has voted in favor of implementing the required use of a streaming text application by all Department or Division Chiefs, as well as other key employees with whom the residents of the municipality might wish to contact on a regular basis. This application allows for a running text message, of sorts, with multiple users including city employees and residents.

Although the employees were oriented with regard to the operation of the App, there was not any explanation of the expected decorum on the App. As a result, as employees have become more comfortable with the use of the app, communication with the residents has become less professional and more informal. The City Council would like this to revert back to a more professional level of interaction in order to promote a more professional image for the city.

Making this scenario more challenging is the fact that the residents of the municipality are not required to attend any training, but are encouraged to use the App in order to communicate with city employees in a less formal environment than e-mail.

You and your partner (to be assigned by your Professor) have been retained in the role of I.O. Psychologists, and have been asked to perform the following actions in a theoretical basis, as well as an applied basis:


Provide insight based on existing literature with regard to the manner in which social technology influences people in the workplace.

Explain the pro’s and cons of developing a social technology policy for an organization.


Identify the issues with the existing training program.

Develop a course of action to supplement the existing training to provide a more comprehensive training program for employees. Present this information in the form of an Actionable List withint he text of the paper. The following document is a template/explanation of what an

Actionable List should be:

Actionable List Explanation.pdf

Provide an explanation of the manner in which the municipality can assess and evaluate the efficacy of both the training, as well as the efficacy of the social technology policy.


Title; Actionable Items

Length; 2 pages (600 words)

Style; APA