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Action Research proposal


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Action Research proposal

Developed a justified design of an Action Research proposal (AR) Project related to English as Foreign Language teaching in a Mexican
> city right across the border from the United States- University Level).
> The proposal should deal at its core with a practical problem that is
> needed to understand better and/or wants to be solved. It is essential that
> you review critically both the literature on AR and on the topic to be
> investigated.
> It should include a problem statement which explains what the project is
> about and why it is taught that the chosen area is important to study, a
> description of the context/background of the problem, a review of the
> literature, the research questions that will guide the research, a
> description of the institutional and socio-cultural setting and the
> participants.
> Describe data sources to be used to answer the question (interview,
> observation, documents, journals, reflections, test scores, etc.) and that
> will inform about the success of the intervention. For intervention,
> describe the planned change/intervention in detail and justify the choice
> through reference to the literature review. Indicate what kind of results
> we expect.


Title; Action Research proposal

length; 7 pages (1925 words)

style; APA

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