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Achievement Tests


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Survey achievement tests consist of sub tests that measure achievement in certain academic areas. These tests can help a counselor understand where a child or adolescent’s academic strengths and limitations are, and can provide information on a student’s progress from year to year. Can you think of some examples of situations where using this type of information would be appropriate and situations where it would be inappropriate? What sorts of decisions should and should not be based on survey achievement test results?


Title; Achievement Tests

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It would be appropriate to use the survey achievements tests when an instructor needs to motivate students in school. Therefore, they may use the highest test scores in order to challenge the rest of the school. Additionally, the information is applicable to use in situations where a students are gradually failing exams. Hence, the achievement evidence would be necessary to monitor their performance over time. Situations where students are transferred to new schools, thus, the administration should develop score tests with an aim of appraising their performance capability. Furthermore, the information will promote  the school performance due to the consistency of  academic assessment and evaluation.

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