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Abu Dhabi Airport Company ADAC HR Strategies

Abu Dhabi Airport Company ADAC HR Strategies


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Abu Dhabi Airport Company ADAC HR Strategies Essays

BUS 4373 Strategic Human Resources Management

 Assessment 3 – Project – Written Report & Presentation

Teams will analyze HR strategies deployed by the managers to gain competitive advantage in the industry (20%) and discuss the findings in an individual presentation. (10%). (Abu Dhabi Airport Company ADAC HR Strategies)

Assessment Weight 20% for written report and 10% for Individual Presentation
Start Week Week 10 (Industry visit for Interviews)
Due Week Week 14
Submission On BB Learn Via safe assign  and hard copy to your Instructor
Group Size 3-4 students per group
Word limit 2000 – 2500 words (excluding cover sheet, table of contents, references, and appendixes)
Font Style Times New Roman; Size – 12; Margin – Normal; Double line Space


Summary of Learning Outcomes -On completion of this project, student/s should know:

  Project/Assignment Learning Outcomes Course Learning Outcomes
1. Examine and Analyze the HR strategies (including HR policies and practices) deployed by HR Department in an organization.  CLO-1
2. Investigate the effects of HR strategies on the Ultimate Business Goals. CLO-2
3. Design HR Dashboard comprising of HR Metrics used by your organization. CLO-3
4. Comment on the Ethical implications of the applied HR Strategies CLO-4


In response to local and global competition it is inevitable to implement a right HR strategy in order to improve the productivity and effectiveness of the business to gain a competitive advantage. HR strategy must be aligned with the organization’s vision, mission and goals. In developing an HR strategy, the company must analyze the characteristics of its industry, determine its competitive advantage, and identify key processes and key people. Creating different strategies for all groups of people in the organization may be necessary, depending on their skills, knowledge and responsibilities. The following framework will help you to locate interrelated information. 


 Form groups of 3 or 4 and brainstorm various HR strategies.

 Choose a project leader for your group

 Assign responsibilities to each team member and create a project timeline. Share this document with your group members 

Division of tasks amongst members

 Review project requirement tasks equally between members. During this project, if there is a problem with one team member not completing his/her task, then notify your teacher. In such cases, the non-performing team member will be required to complete the task individually with no changes to the scope of the project. 

Part 1 – Project Written Report – weight 20%; Marks- 100 

Task 1: You are required to design a comprehensive questionnaire (approx. 20-25 questions) to collect first-hand information from HR manager of a company of your choices. (10 marks)

Task 2: You are required to conduct a detailed interview (face-to-face, or electronic medium) with an HR manager of company of your choice to explore Various HR strategies being practiced by the respective organization to gain competitive advantage


1) Develop a list of 20-25 questions

2) Identify a HR manager/Officer and ask them if you can interview them. Present them the list of questions ahead of the time. Make sure you have their permission for an interview. Keep a copy of confirming emails and attach in appendix. (5 marks)

Task 3: Provide introduction of the chosen company and determine the Ultimate Business Goals and Business Objectives, based on your interview findings. (10 marks)

Task 4: Examine and Analyze the HR practices, policies, and Strategies (15 marks)

Task 5: Investigate the effects of HR strategies on the HR Outcomes and the Ultimate Business goals. (20 marks)

Task 6 – Based on the application of HR Balance Score card, design a Dashboard (presentable to the top Management) depicting the HR Metrics.  (20 marks)

Task 7: Analyze the ethical implications of HRM practices in the selected organization. (10 marks)

Task 8: Make necessary Recommendations to improve the HR systems to attain competitive advantage (10 marks)

Academic Honesty

As part of this project you will be required to gather information from various sources. Hence your documentation will require the following sections: 


Where you have used web content, images, templates in doing this project, then you must acknowledge the source following a standard method of referencing that you have learnt. Use APA style referencing. 


Where you have interviewed key people in the organization to obtain information, they must be acknowledged. Include name of person, organization and contact details. 


Include all supporting documents such as notes from interviews, records of correspondence

Part 2 – Individual Presentation – 10%

Time for Individual Presentation – 5-7 minutes

SPEAKING SKILLS All elements present Most elements present Some elements present No elements present Comments

(Presenter doesn’t rush, shows enthusiasm, avoids likes, ums, kind ofs, you knows, yaani, etc. Uses complete sentences.)

4 3 2 1
Eye Contact

(Presenter keeps head up, does not read, and speaks to whole audience.)

4 3 2 1

(Presenter stands up straight, faces

audience, and doesn’t fidget.)

4 3 2 1

(Presenter can be easily heard by all.)

4 3 2 1

Presentation begins with a clear focus/thesis.

4 3 2 1
Topic Development
a. Presentation includes all elements

previously determined by the teacher.

4 3 2 1
b. Presentation is clearly organized.

(Material is logically sequenced, related

to thesis, and not repetitive.)

4 3 2 1
c. Presentation shows full grasp and

understanding of the material.

4 3 2 1
a. Presentation highlights key ideas and

concludes with a strong final statement.

4 3 2 1
b. Presenter fields questions easily 4 3 2 1
TOTAL (max. 40)


Title; Abu Dhabi Airport Company (ADAC) HR Strategies

Length; 13 pages (3350 words)

Style; APA