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Absurdity and Social Media


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Essay #7 Reflective Essay

WRIT 1111

Value Reflection as Part of Writing

General Assignment Description

For the last major writing assignment of the semester, you will be given an opportunity to focus on yourself as a writer.  Specifically, you will reflect upon your unique writing process during the course of the semester in order to document your new perception of writing, a change(s) in your writing process that resulted in improved writing, and acknowledgement of what you still need to work on.

Essay Prompts

Please choose ONE of the following:

  • Have you changed any of your writing practices because of your experiences in this course? Describe your writing practices before taking this course and identify how the practices were problematic or helpful.  Then, describe your writing practices while taking this course.  What did you change?  Using specific examples of WRIT essays and/or practices, explain how the change(s) helped or not.
  • How did you respond to constructive criticism in the form of instructor comments, peer reviewer comments, or Writing Center coach comments? Using specific examples of WRIT essays, explain how one of the sources listed above helped or not.
  • How has your newly improved writing process influenced writing assignments outside of your WRIT course? Using specific examples of non-WRIT writing assignments and/or practices, explain how your writing assignments have been influenced.

In creating the Reflective Writing Assignment, please avoid the following:

  • Avoid creating a list of all that you completed/learned in the course.
  • Avoid offering opinions without showing actual change.
  • Avoid arguing for a grade.

Definition of Self-Reflective Thinking

In order to complete this writing assignment, it would be helpful to understand the concept of self-reflective thinking as it applies to writing.  A definition of self-reflective thinking will provide a context for or the basis of the Reflective Writing Assignment.  Self-reflective thinking means that the student writer…

  • Suggests ability for self-criticism or to accept criticism, and change writing practices as a consequence.
  • Casts back into the past to explain a present change in terms of writing development or practice.
  • Uses course content as the catalyst for self-reflection in relation to the topic: evidence of using the writing process for the process of discovery new ideas.
  • Critiques his or her own writing processes and improves them as a result of the critique.
  • Sincerely describes changing his or her writing processes through critical thought or developed self-awareness.

General Requirements

  • 2 complete pages
  • Essay format
  • MLA format

Due Dates

  • December 11, 2013, between 12-1pm, drop off hard copy in class.
  • December 11, 2013, post on by midnight (5-point deduction for not posting)


Title; Absurdity and Social Media

Length; 2 pages (550 words)

Style; MLA