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Abnomal Psy


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Respecting Clients Reaction Paper

Imagine you have been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. You have recently felt that the rapport you have established with your therapist has deteriorated.  From the perspective of the client, write a letter detailing some of the ways in which you have felt mistreated or disrespected by a mental health professional in your life and what is causing the distress with your current therapist.

Next, from the perspective of the therapist, reply to the client in a way that explains how you have kept your personal values and feelings about the client free from your sessions and how you have maintained respect for the client throughout your sessions.

The assignment will help us see some of the future difficulties we will have in maintaining a professional relationship with our clients.  Papers will be graded based on how well you convey the typical symptoms and behaviors associated with this disorder and for your ideas for how to help interact with your client.


Title; Abnomal Psy

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Style: APA

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Letter from client to therapist

Dear Sir,

Re: Neglect

Ever since I was diagnosed with this condition, I felt I had nothing else to lose since every one had already deserted me. I wanted to commit suicide and rid the world off my miseries as no one saw me as important. Everybody saw me as a liability and I had no friends who would spare just a little time for me. I simply did not have anyone to turn to. However, that changed when you became my therapist. In you, I had a friend who would listen to me without interruption. It was amazing having to spend time with you without worrying about you deserting me as all my friends had. With our two times a week hourly sessions, I was sure that I would see you in the following session unlike my friends who kept telling me that they were busy. With you, I felt I had a friend whom I could really spend time with and talk to about all my insecurities. The last two months have surely been the best moments of life.

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