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A rose for Emily


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The paper should be about the story ” a rose for Emily” or “the grave” or the “girl” or the “man is hard to find” or “to build a fire” or “petrified man” choose a story that you find interesting or helps you to write.

The paper should have a summary and analyzing the story taking the important part of the story. Analyzing how the character are represents in the story, their names and the relation, the clothing. The set of the story. Example: the story begins with describing how the weather or the sky is dark which indicates that something sad is happening/going to happened. You should catch the key moment of the story. The key moment could be a change that occurs in the story, the characters personalty, clothes or attitudes. Looking for symbol in the story and what does it mean. Something symbolic could be an object, animal/ inanimate, something repeated in the story, title, character. Also you should choose a good title for the paper based on your results of analyzing the story. IT CAN”T BE THE STORY”S TITTLE. don’t use the words, I think, I believe I guess..etc don’t use “ME” use simple words not a complicated ones.don’t repeat one idea over and over again. don’t write a conclusion paragraph that repeats everything. Instead find the interesting parts of the story and focus on them. Build a strong thesis.


Title;  A rose for Emily

Length; 5 pages (1375 words)

Style; APA