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A Quote and Response


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Due:                    Day of Assigned Reading

Length:              A quote from each readings, plus at least 150-250 words of your reflective response and a question

Format:              Typed or handwritten, so long as it’s legible and shows true engagement with the reading

Purpose: “Q&R” stands for “quote and response,” and in your Q&Rs you will engage with assigned readings to further your understanding of our course concepts, to prepare you for class activities and discussion, and to offer me a mechanism for creating accountability around the readings and responding to your writing.

To complete your Q&R, start by choosing a quote from the readings scheduled for that week, and then write a 150-250 word reflective response to the quote/reading. Be sure to include the name of the author and the title of the piece from which you are quoting.

A Q&R is not a summary of the reading. We’ve all read the work that you’re responding to, so focus your reflection on how you understand the reading, what it means to you, why you’ve chosen this particular quote from the reading, how this reading/quote links to other readings you’ve done for our class or to course concepts more generally. The Q&Rs are a place where you test out your evolving understandings, so claim the space of the Q&R to show up in your own voice and with your own ideas.


Title; A Quote and Response

Length; 1 (275 words)

Style; MLA

Paper Preview

A Quote and Response

“Hungry people work cheap; people who work cheap go hungry” is a quote that has been captured in Real Life in Timber Country by Robert Leo Heilman (47). It lies in the second line of the first paragraph of page 47. The quote follows a conversation that the author has with his friend concerning the current state of the timber mills concerning their workers.

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