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A Good Man Hard to Find


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A Good Man Hard to Find

Discuss the theme of loss and redemption in “A Good Man Hard to Find” by Flannery O’Connor.

Do not use difficult and long words.

A Good Man Hard to Find” by Flannery O”Connor. link

A Good Man Hard to Find” by Flannery O”Connor. link

Title: A Good Man Hard to Find

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Style: MLA

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A Good Man Hard to Find

The sarcastic story by O’Connor illustrates the loss of the meaning of a good man especially in the perspective of the grandmother’s character. The grandmother defines a good man as a person who has the values that do not necessarily refer to good morals or kindness. For instance, the grandmother refers to Misfit as a man who is good without considering the traits of him as put elsewhere in the tale. She says tells Misfit that, ‘I know that you are a good man, and you do not look like you have common blood…’ (O’Connor, p. 432.) Misfit is a murderer, but the grandmother does not contemplate on the sinful aspect. The grandmother depicts a good man as one that aligns with her values.

The granny showcases the loss in the meaning of an upright man by referring to the strangers who charge her gasoline as good people despite them conning her. Red Sammy complains about the cheating to her granny, but she says that Sammy should forgive and does not hesitate to tell Sammy that, ‘….you’re a good man.’ (O’Connor, P. 428). The case of the grandmother shows that her reference to a good man is of poor judgement and an interpretation of blind faith to people who are not necessarily good in nature. The grandmother also represents the theme of loss through the misconception that she has the intelligence to judge on whether a person is good or tell a person on the right course to live.

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