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A Community to Which I Belong


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Speech One: A Community to Which I Belong (A15, B2d)(1Bd, e, and f)
Topic: What I am most interested in, and why
Time Limit: -2-3 minutes
Evaluation: 50 pts. Possible
This speech serves a number of purposes. As a biographical speech, it is designed to give you the opportunity to speak about something you already know, and also to let the rest of the class learn something more about you. The topic, “a community to which I belong,” could also guide you in the selection of the rest of your speech topics for this class. I strongly suggest that you use this speech as a way to focus your research efforts for the rest of the semester. Finally, as the first graded speech you will give in this class, this speech is a bit more informal, and will give you the chance to be a bit more relaxed in front of the audience.
The format for this speech is relatively simple. You will be allowed to use two 3×5 notecards, or from memory. No visual aid is required, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use one. I suggest the following organizational scheme for this speech (that doesn’t mean you have to follow it):

  1. Introduction: Get our attention by telling us a story, using an interesting quotation, or some example or illustration of your topic
  2. Body:
  3. Describe a community to which you belong: background, mission, interesting information, etc. (whatever is most appropriate to your community)
    B. Tell us why this community is important to you
  4. How you became interested
    2. What personal relevance this topic has for you
    3. What, if any, role this interest might play for you in the future
    4. Any other significant information

III. Conclusion: Wrap up the speech by going back to the story or example from the beginning, and showing us how now will think about this topic differently.


Title: A Community to Which I Belong

Pages: 1

Style: APA

Paper Preview

A community to Which I Belong

Many people disown their communities because of disagreements. What they do not realize is that they are abandoning the most valuable union that shaped their character (Mason, 2000). Internal conflicts within the community are not rare thus should be solved via appropriate channels. An eviction from a community is more likely to result in loneliness. However, those that reconcile and encourage each other reap the benefits only available to the community members.

I belong to a community of individuals that pursue happiness in life. People should reap life benefits because it does not last long. This pursuit is a bond that brings us together come rain or sunshine. We enjoy each other’s company as we participate in recreational activities. What many people do not know about my community is that assist each other during the point of need.

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