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A Client X Case Study


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Read: A Client X Case Study has been posted on Blackboard. Open this document and do the following: 1. Visit the links at the bottom of the document to learn more about Alliance Data. 2. Use the link at the bottom of the document to explore the client for the case Abercrombie & Fitch. 3. Read the case study.
To Do: Write a paper where you provide ideas or recommendations for each question in the case: 1. Initial Offer 2. Rewards Program 3. Birthday/Best Customer. The rewards section has more questions so it may be a little longer. I would suggest a tentative goal of approximately 200 words for parts 1 and 3 and approximately 300 words for part 2.
Note: Please be sure to fully explain your ideas/recommendations and what you used as the basis for your ideas. As the case mentions, it is ok to use previous experiences as a customer as part of your idea generation and recommendations.


Title; A Client X Case Study

Pages; 2

Style; APA

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Client X Case Study

Abercrombie and Fitch represent sophisticated lifestyle, youth, and beauty. The brand is based on the moose and a catchy logo. Though the firm started as a store for outdoor gear, it has evolved over time to address the needs young people with regards to clothing. The targeted customers for this organization are high-class personalities willing to spend a fortune for a flashy lifestyle. Therefore, the value proposition for this company should factor into consideration the needs of a working class segment.

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