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4 states of consciousness


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Turn in a brief reflection paper (10 points):
1.Choose 1 of the 4 states of consciousness discussed in the unit (Sleep, Dreams, Hypnosis, Drugs)
2.Reflect on some related personal experience and the social environment.


Title: 4 states of consciousness

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Style; APA

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Sleep as a State of Consciousness

Sleep is crucial state of consciousness that people sometimes ignore. In fact, at most time’s people do not realize when some kinds of sleep are happening to them. Personally, it took me more than a century to understand the meaning and effects of sleep. My understanding was just based on the common perception that sleep involves getting inside a blanket on a bed. Moreover, I thought that sleeping involved closing your eyes until I learned the different types of sleep. Some kinds of sleep happen when one`s eyes are fully open. Five stages of sleep affect people that I will reflect on in this essay. I will also identify how the different stages of sleep affect the human mind.

The stage one sleep that is also called micro sleeps happens without people realizing. For instance, during most nights when am studying, I often find myself constantly closing my eyes without noticing. What of the people that do hard tasks? It will be difficult for them to realize they are sleeping because I realize I am sleeping because reading involves using more than three-quarters of the mind unlike hard tasks such as lifting the weights. Therefore, if one is tired, it is hard to realize they are sleeping.

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