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You chair the budget committee for your local school board. The state has cut $3 million out of your school corporation’s funding and your committee has determined that the following programs must be cut: marching band, drama, girls’ sports programs, and programs for special needs children. The boys’ sports programs will remain as they support themselves financially through ticket sales. You will be required to present your recommendations to three different audiences: 1- The full school board, 2- A community meeting (which includes parents), and 3- The student body from the area schools. So, YOU HAVE TO WRITE 3 DIFFERENT OUTLINES. One for each audience. Provide an outline of your presentation for each audience. Identify what will be most critical for each group and the best means to communicate this aspect (i.e., graphs, pictures, lecture, etc.). Some of these audiences are likely to be emotional; how would you structure your presentation to minimize this? These three outlines (with speaker’s notes)


Title ; 3 OUTLINES

Length ; 2 pages (600 words)

Style ; MLA