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The purpose of this proposal is to fully analyze the significance of Computer Mediated Communication technologies (CMC) in relation to the accomplishments of Alibaba Company. The research will utilize the available empirical data from various online researches and through online interviewing some of Alibaba’s employees in order to fully understand the significance of the CMC in relation to the success of the Company. The purpose of the interview will be to help understand the employee’s workplace experience and the customer relationship in relation to the computer mediated technology.

Over the years Alibaba has greatly grown into a giant e commerce company overtaking even the previously recognized successful companies such as e-bay and Amazon. This success is believed to be associated with its key innovation in technology and computer related platforms to relay services to clients (Choi & Kim, 2004). However this aspect has not been fully proved and therefore this research will help to prove the importance of CMC to Alibaba and its constant growth as a multinational dealer in AI, E commerce and internet related technology.

Following the increased aspect of e business at a global view it is a challenge to understand the reason behind success of a Company or enterprise without putting into consideration its internal business activities and routine. It is therefore important to seek the Alibaba’s employees experience and the wide pool of customers as the primary guidance of the research. The interviewees’ response to their experience will be taken in form of a recorded account and a critical analysis will be carried out to determine the most common views and opinions from all the subjects. Equally important, the interviews will be carried out on the consent and choice of the subjects to prevent any unwanted views from the Company’s management.

The general results of the study are expected to provide a more critical and theoretical significance of CMC to Alibaba as a company and at the same time generates more research opportunities on the subject. Apart from this aspect, the study will help both domestic and international e commerce sector to develop more competitive and innovative means to be at the same level with their competitors.


The significance of this study is consequent from the following:

  • It is expected that the information gathered from the interview and online research will help to provide accurate information on the importance of computer mediated technology to the achievements of Alibaba Company. These results and conclusion might help to prevent prejudice conclusions from e business analysts and public at large.
  • Over the years the aspect of CMC in many businesses has been taken as an optional means of providing better marketing means and efficiency in companies’ daily business activities. This study might help to provide an insight to all enterprises on the benefits of CMC in the modern world of dynamic business innovations and thus make it a primary solution to contemporary enterprise human resource activities.
  • This study will help to impact more knowledge on my understanding of CMC and thus help me to open more questions that can be used to develop more research.
  • The study is part of my personal research on the most suitable e business to start in future since I am interested and fascinated by how easy Alibaba has succeeded over the years.
  • The success of Alibaba has been associated with many things among them being the natural good customer services from Alibaba employees who are a majority from Asian countries. This study might help to remove the confusion and understand the purpose and importance of CMC to the success of Alibaba.
  • This study is part of my academic achievements which will create competency and develop my cognitive and research techniques generally.

Chapter Headings and Content:

Chapter 1 Introduction

I will commence this paper by providing my personal reason and motivation for selecting this topic in relation to other topics that relate to global enterprise and my area of study. The paper will include an outline of the entire work to provide easy access of the content.

 1.1 Problem Statement

Over the years technology has advanced at a significant and visible rate. The results of this advancement include providing advantage and efficiency in the most difficult issues of human life. These advancements have led to a world of computerized global enterprise and improved mass production at a lower cost. The positive benefits of computer continue to evolve, new e-commerce continue to pop up and make tremendous success in the ready pool of consumers. Alibaba began as a simple buying and selling platform and drastically grew into a giant retailer with the most recognized online related services. Its success has been associated with its structural organization of service offering that is succeeded by computer communication. Following this conclusion the significance of computer mediated communication in businesses outweighs the physical communication methodologies in modern enterprises. Its significance ranges from efficiency to provision of analyzed and accurate clients’ needs based on acquired customers data and online reviews. According to Jack ma the owner of Alibaba, Alibaba’s success is based on the knowledge of customer’s wants, innovation in good communication strategies and the primary important aspect of the company which is digitalized communication. However even though Alibaba has succeeded based on the good e commerce experience, the need to understand the importance of computer mediated technology in Alibaba’s success occupies the pinnacle of its growth.

 1.2 Research Questions and Research Objectives

The research will be based on various research questions and objectives based on the theme of the study and its general idea. These questions will include the following:

  • What is the importance of Computer Mediated technology in relation to success of Alibaba Company?
  • What are the benefits of computerized communication in modern day enterprises in comparison to physical communication?
  • What are the chances of succeeding in an e commerce enterprise in relation to a non e commerce enterprise?
  • What is the unique trait that Alibaba has in relation to other online related businesses that makes it superior in E commerce?

The main objectives of this research include the following:

The research will aim to solve the prejudice conclusions surrounding the success of Alibaba Company.

  • The study will provide knowledge on the benefits of computerized communication in any enterprise.
  • The study will provide recommendations in relation to the benefits of innovating in computerized communication technology.
  • The research will provide an analysis on the customer’s preferences and employees satisfaction in an e commerce enterprise based on the Alibaba’s clients and employee’s interview.
  • The research will fulfill and impart knowledge in my understanding of Computer Mediated communication technologies and its impact on a contemporary enterprise.

1.3 Significance of the research

The Findings of this research will remove the doubt regarding the success of Alibaba’s company that has become a major topic in various business related journals and media platforms. Similarly important the study will provide a critically analyzed significance of Computer mediated technologies to new ventures and to Alibaba as a company. Apart from these benefits, the findings of this research will benefit the society since businesses are the key to global economic growth. Entrepreneurs will use the findings to positively impact their enterprises mode of communication and thus generate more economic value and personal benefit.

Chapter 2 Review of Literature:

The purpose of this chapter will be to analyze and explain the meaning of computer mediated technology and background of Alibaba Company. Apart from these two aspects, the chapter will also discuss the benefits of computer mediated technology to enterprises and how Alibaba has utilized its services using it.

I will put into consideration various theoretical frameworks that are purported to be used by Alibaba in their daily enterprise activities and compare it with other enterprises that do not utilize Computer mediated program.

The topic of computer mediated technology will be put into consideration and its contribution to success of modern enterprises since its introduction in commerce. Previous research will help to understand its purpose and significance to Alibaba and any other successful e-enterprise.

It will also be necessary to understand the experiences of Alibaba’s services and the view of its employees on the matter relating to digital businesses. This will aid in answering major questions that have risen from various business analysts and public on the Alibaba’s success in online business.

Chapter 3 Research Design and Methodology

The rationale for using qualitative and empirical data will be explained along with the potential limitations of the research design. Apart from this facet the chapter will also discuss potential limitations towards the researcher’s position and collection of information.

This chapter will describe various theoretical frameworks that relate to computer mediated communication and other emerging innovations relating to this aspect. A diagrammatic explanation of major functions associated with CMC will be utilized to promote a sensible explanation and design of the study.

The chapter will also indicate how raw data is analyzed from a non – structured interview into a form that helps to bring out proper conclusions and ideas. The synthesis of this information will provide original information relating to working as an employee in the Alibaba Company and indicate efficiency of the company’s daily enterprise activities.

Chapter 4: Presentation of findings:

This chapter will involve analyzing and comparing interviews from all the subjects and placing the most common responses together in order to understand the view of respondents from Alibaba Company.

The chapter will also strictly explain the entire process of data collection and analysis and the results that were acquired from these processes. Apart from this aspect the chapter will provide findings of the data collection process in relation to computer mediated communication technology.

Chapter 5: Discussion of the findings:

In this chapter I will look at the findings through the following criteria:

  • The uniqueness and originality of the respondent answers to questions relating to computer mediated communication
  • Comparison of the success between companies that use CMC with those that do not use it in their daily enterprise activities.
  • The results of findings in comparison to the existing information about the success of Alibaba Company based on CMC. However in this case, this data will only be collect after making conclusions of the entire research.
  • The technological factors both internal and external that could have helped in the great achievement of Alibaba business environment and the high market place.
  • The level of competition in the e – enterprise sector and chances of success on new entrants.

Chapter 6 Conclusions:

This chapter will finalize on the results of how computer mediated communication technologies have played part in the success of Alibaba company and make a verdict. Equally important, the chapter will also discuss the usefulness of the methods and tools used in data collection and finalize by providing areas of further research on the study.

Literature in the area of study:

I will focus my research on writers who have noted the power of computer mediated technologies in online businesses and especially Alibaba. This data can be found in many literature that are both online and offline in form of journals, books and even academic research from various educational scholars. For example (Rahayu & Day, 2015) discusses the role of Computer mediated technologies on e-commerce enterprises in different countries around the world. Similarly (Awa, Ojiabo & Emecheta, 2015) also discusses the same issue and provides a framework to indicate its success in providing positive results in human resource and efficiency of service delivery.

Secondly I will research through authors who have analyzed the success of Alibaba in both domestic and international market using its customer’s opinions on the Company’s services. For example according to (Du, Lu, Li & Li, 2013) customers have slowly embraced software as a service in the e commerce especially in Asian countries which have high levels of innovation in technology. The authors conducted a research on major e – commerce companies among them Alibaba and came with a conclusion that one of the major causes of success in E commerce is centered on clients embrace of CMC as part of modern enterprises.

Apart from the above mentioned sources, any other research relating to Computer Mediated technologies or the success of Alibaba will be looked into and put into account during the research. For example articles relating to Alibaba as a company, analysis of data in research and the general theme.

Research Design and Methods:

The purpose of the research is to explore the role of computer mediated technologies on the success of Alibaba Company. The method employed to

Perform this research is centered on the belief that in order to understand the relationship between computer mediated communication technology and success of Alibaba company, employees from Alibaba company and customers had to be involved in an interview. This is based on the importance of having an experienced respondent on the matter under study. This aspect leads to employment of qualitative approach in data collection. Experienced people will be selected to provide theory towards the research through interviewing of the employees and customers.


Permission will be asked from Alibaba company human resource department to use their employees in the interview and acquire contacts from their clients in order to carry out the process. Statement of consent will be signed by all respondents prior to the interview.


Finish of literature review

Design Interview Schedule

Submitting of outline proposal

Collection of Interview data

Write draft

Submit draft report

Final submission


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