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Essay on Monsanto Used Cisco and Microsoft to manage Globally

Currently, there are many corporations using CISCO WAAS network. Companies mentioned in the YouTube video (2016) include the Monsanto and Microsoft which lead to the collaboration of the three companies. Microsoft is to offer IT solution such as helping the company install and run SharePoint to the agricultural company while Cisco role is to ensure that wide area connectivity and data sharing is possible.

It is necessary for Monsanto employee to use Monsanto connection portal as a platform that enable fast sharing of information for efficient decision making. Monsanto Company produces seeds for many parts of the world that have very diverse climatic variation. As such, the company has thousands of employees based in countries such as Thailand, Ireland, France Brazil, Africa, and many other parts of the world. Researches in each region rely heavily on information available in the firm’s portal in addition to the fact that the findings must be shared with other employees performing the seed development tasks (YouTube 2016). In some situation, the employees need real time information to enable them proceed with certain specialized tasks in the field. Reduction of time spent to download a file is crucial and cost effective.

In the portal, the function of SharePoint is to help disseminate information worldwide to all employees across the various tropical zone. The SharePoint sends real time news to all the employees to keep them updated about the various development in different regions that may be of particular interest to them. The system is regularly updated and upgraded to enhance speed at which the employees get the information (YouTube 2016). In addition, it enables researchers to see the success of other scientists in other sites of research and geographic locations with similar climatic patterns acting as a motivation for further works.

SharePoint is useful to the employees as it help them acquire site information about other places even without necessarily having to travel there. The managers state that SharePoint is also crucial in terms of maintaining the firm’s relationship with its clients. The clients can download files with ease at a very high speed. Initially, it took 4.5 minutes to download a 15 megabytes file. Upon upgrading and implementation of the system, the same file would be shared at a speed of 1.5 minute and finally, as fast as 8 seconds. It is crucial for stakeholder to access important information with ease across the globe.

The role of Cisco’s wide area application service (WAAS) is to optimize the working of applications which are TCP based with a wide area network (WAN) and operational environment. The system plays an important role in preserving strengthening security (Case 3 Monsanto). In its functions, WAAS bridges WAN maximization, Cisco’s wide area files services (CWAFS) and enhances working of TCP-based applications enabling all these elements to function as a single blade or appliance. WAN optimization forms part of Cisco’s scope by avoiding deployment of appliances throughout the firm’s infrastructures.

Kerr (2016) reports that based on Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM), for every two corporations, one of them is using SharePoint server. 22% of all employees in major corporations were found to use at least one of these Microsoft tools. Due to its complex collaborative features, SharePoint has become very popular among users as it is capable of incorporating business intelligence, management processes, enterprise research, content management, file sharing and websites facing public among other crucial applications.

Avnet Technology Solutions is a company that offers system(s) assistance to its clients globally. The company makes and distributes software that aid business all over the world to use technology (Avnet, Inc. 2016). One of the goals of the company is to enable its clients venture into large scale operation by offering services that can enable them to link with their clients all over the planet. The firm ensures that the process is cost effective and efficient to the client. To carry out its activities effectively, Avnet uses its technology expertise and alliances considered strategic, resources or services and training to provide solution to clients about the IT life cycle. Some of the services enhancement that the company offers to its customers include information related to speed and time market, how to use technology to increase sales and profits, and services relating to risks of investments reduction.

To deliver these services, the corporation uses Microsoft SharePoint to reach its partners and employees. The company boasts of having the best hardware and software solution from among the most innovative companies (Avnet, Inc. 2016). The SharePoint provides an interface through which firm’s employee can obtain real time news and share data that is crucial to advancement leading to innovation of new products and solutions to their clients. The system enable it to deliver desirable solutions across the data point, create productive collaborative opportunities for businesses, and streamline development which help in solving its problems along the suppliers lines (Avnet, Inc. 2016).

Companies using Cisco WAAS include the global players such as Facebook, google, Amazon and other firms that have a presence in many continents all over the world. The standards of Amazon Web Services (AWS) were set by the Cisco cloud services router (Cisco Publication 2016). The publication offers technical details of how use of Cisco networks has boosted their activities by enabling communication and interaction with clients. The employees are capable of accessing a variety of tools to support their work and create new web products. Amazon is also a beneficiary of Cisco connectivity to its major branches and associate where heavy files are shared. Unlike other products that offer similar services and security to firms, the Cisco CSR 1000v is enabled to cloud connect creating a network platform that can be scaled to the entire institution. The fact that the system has features that allows it to accommodate new technological advancement is a plus for Amazon since with the onset of interruptive technology; so many new changes arise every day (Cisco Publication 2016).

Cisco and Microsoft were attractive to Monsanto for IT services since they are well established and has many specialized experts in the IT field. The alliances of the three companies whose operations are classified global is aimed at reaping the benefit of scales and create massive advantage (YouTube 2016). The firm reports that the collaboration led to over 40% increase in its network capacity that is critical in supporting their innovation and bringing new partners in the market in addition to new product development.

In order for companies to optimize the efficiency of their operations, it is recommended that they adopt use of modern features such as those offered by Cisco and Microsoft. Any company that intends to sell or offer services on a global scale would require online marketing solution, steady flow of information from management to employees, close contact with clients, and platform that links all the stakeholders. WAAS networking offered by Cisco could be helpful to employees whose work involve research as it is possible to share real time information. The Microsoft platform offered by SharePoint is an important tool that should be implemented by all businesses committed to offering services to clients at a relatively high speed.

 In conclusion, it is worth noting that for firms to reap the best results in what they do, advantageous collaborations are critical. Monsanto alliance with Microsoft and Cisco has resulted in improvement of the business in all areas making the company’s activities beneficial to all the stakeholders. Investment in research is another factor that all enterprises should employ in order to be at pace with new technology cropping up every now and then.


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