Herodotus as More Accomplished and Credible than Xenophon or Thucydides April 4, 2019 – Posted in: Buy Essay Cheap Online

Greeks History

History as defined today by scholars such as Foster & Lateiner (2012) is the study of past events that help to understand human society. This study of events requires that information is recorded and studied through time, and then he has compared to other societies. In the works of Herodotus, he has been noticed as a keen guy to the study of society, not only Greece but a wide society as well. He went to listen to the legends, myths, and stories from other societies as well. He has then recorded his findings in an analytical and comparative manner that he can draw a conclusion from his findings.

Influence of the Historians

Thucydides as a historian is accomplished as he understood the real meaning of facts and accuracy of history. He stands out as an ancient historian who understood the meaning and obligation of truth and imparity in history. In his introduction, he mentions of and condemns his predecessors on providing a good reading (Luce, 2009). The second importance of Thucydides is his abilities to methodology and relevance of the material. His works are centered through the war between Greece and Palestinians. His works point out the importance of facts that should be recorded in order to make an analysis of the historical events happening around a society. It is important that facts should be used regardless of the story. Historians are encouraged to produce history, unlike the story that tend to be regarded as legends and myths.

Xenophon as a historian has published work as Socratic and historical. One being letters he shared with Socrates and the other a recording of findings and experiences he had. The two scholarly work by Xenophon help to show the society he lived in, for instance, his military articles are being used in the study of war and society (Foster & Lateiner, 2012). Lastly, is Herodotus a literate, thinker and historian who has made a lot of contribution to the history of the present times? He argues that the study of society can be used to understand mankind and society. This is true as the stories from different communities help to bring history together for writing about civilization and the trends in development. 

Herodotus As More Accomplished

Herodotus work and study makes him more accomplished as compared to Xenophon and Thucydides. He accounts for war, politics, and way of lives, while the two historians majorly base their work and accomplishments on war and politics. Herodotus has gone ahead to make a recording of war and scholars say he has written in the perspective of a foot soldier who witnessed war. This implies that his work can be used in military studies and an understanding of society. His has published work from different societies showing the richness in his argument and culture. Luce (2009) mentions that from Thucydides to Herodotus one makes a huge step forward on the importance and analysis of historical science and events in society.

On the contrary, from Herodotus and Thucydides to Xenophon one makes a huge step backward in the science of history. This implies that the argument in history provided by Thucydides and Herodotus are far richer in source and information as compared to Xenophon who only wrote what he saw (Luce, 2009). The study of history is documentation of historical events and analysis of the findings which has been perfectly done by Herodotus as through his traveling and expedition of the world.


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