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The Impact of the employees Job Satisfaction on the outcome of health care service in one of UAE Government Hospitals


Job satisfaction and quality care are the two

main factors which directly  affect  the  health  care service 

if the health care workers do not give the quality care to

their patients then the patient turnover increased due to less patient satisfaction .

for that i need to study the impact and effect  of employees job satisfaction in the outcome of the health care service they are providing  .

The Hospital that I selected to conduct the study on is Fujairah Hospital and here is the brief explanation of the Hospital and its context.

Fujairah Hospital is a Federal government Hospital (under Ministry of Health and prevention -MOHAP), it was established in 1984 with a capacity of 100 beds. As time goes by now it reached to 219 beds capacity up to present. The hospital  is the biggest hospital  and it is  the center  that receiving the trauma and urgent cases  from the Emirate of Fujairahand the Eastern Region of UAE ., where a wide range of medical services are provided : internal medicine, surgery( general surgery and specialized surgery), obstetrics and gynecology, ENT % Ophthalmic , Orthopedic  and Neonatal &  pediatric .

Hospital services cover:

In patient services: Critical areas( Intensive Care Unit , Cardiac Care Unit , ,Neonatal Intensive Care Unit  Pediatric Intensive Care Unit ,Step Down Unit  ), .

General wards:  (Male Medical Ward , Female Medical Ward , Male Surgical Ward  + Male Orthopedic Ward , Female Surgical Ward  ,Year nose  throat &Ophthalmic Ward , Pediatric  medical ward, 2 Operation theater, Obstetrics and Gynecology Ward + Labor Rooms .

Out patient services : OPD include (   13 clinic, and  9  specialist  ), AE, Cath lab , Renal Unit  Thalassemia center , endoscopy and minor Theatre .

The total number of the Hospital employees is :800, 366 Nurses and 139 physicians , remaining are  administrators ( Hospital management , Human resources , quality finance, maintenance, statistics , social service and customer service)  and engineering + health support service providers like ( Physiotherapy Technicians , Radiology Technicians , Anesthesia Technicians.
Aside from the health care services that Hospital providing , it is also accredited teaching hospital for medical and nursing students.

Trends that affecting the health care service in government Hospitals:

1-International accreditation (JCI accreditation plan for all the  Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP\government ) Hospitals and health centers  

2-Out sourcing companies takeover some of the health services in MOHAP hospitals and health centers ( like :laboratory service and  Radiology service ) .

3- the governmental demand to increase the Customer satisfaction: internal customers ( employees) and external customers( clients (patients & their family )

4- competition with other health sectors in UAE .

5- Medical tourism: The UAE medical tourism industry became a huge success, and the country went on to become a global hub and the favored destination of foreign patients seeking high-quality services. 

6- New technologies in the healthcare industry.

The challenges   and problems that Fujairah Hospital employees are facing are:
1-      Shortage of employees ( especially  in nursing and medical side).
2-      Going to international accreditation like JCI increase the work demands and increase the work overload in the employees
3-      . The changes in the Ministry policies  and requirements putting real stress in the employees and making them feeling unsecure in there work. 
4-      Shortage of medical equipment’s and medical disposable supplies .
5-      Increase the demands of the patients and external costumers increasing   the work overload . 
6-      Rapid changes of medical technology and  information technology that reqried from the employees to follow it and to work with it .


The  aim  of  the  study  is  to  investigate and explore  the

association between  health employees job  satisfaction and quality

of care.  Also explore  the factors  which  effect the  job

satisfaction.  And  understand  how  health employees   job

satisfaction can be improve by delivering the quality of


Is  there  any  association  between  nurse’s  job

Research objectives:

To assess the impact of job satisfaction of the employees on the outcome of health care service

To assess the association of   health employees   job

Satisfaction on the quality care in one of UAE government Hospital .

To assess the factors which effects on job

Satisfaction and Quality of care in the in the government hospital.

Research Questions:

Main research question:

1-What is the impact of job satisfaction of the employees on the outcome of health care service?

Sub question:

Is  there  any  association  between  employees   job

Satisfaction and quality of care providing?


H1:  There  is  no  correlation  between the   health employees   job

satisfaction and the quality care.

H2: There is a significant correlation among the health employees

job satisfaction and the quality care.


The problem identification:

 Health care employees are  responsible  for

providing quality of care to patients but unfortunately

they are not satisfied with their jobs due to the so many

factors  some  of  them  are  following  like:  stress, staff shortage ,

workload, and unsafe  working environment ,decrease Job Security  

they  provide  quality of  care  to  patients and  decrease

mortality and  co morbidity rate  serious adverse events

in the world.

Assessment description and marking criteria

Learning Outcomes 

Anglia Ruskin modules are taught on the basis of intended learning outcomes and, on successful completion of this module, you will be expected to be able to demonstrate you have met these outcomes.

  1. Knowledge and Understanding: Demonstrate understanding of the emerging themes within your field
  2. Knowledge and Understanding: Demonstrate a critical understanding of the relationship between implicit and explicit knowledge
  3. Knowledge and Understanding: Gained detail knowledge of the process of problem identification
  4. Intellectual, practical, affective and transferable skills: Critically reflect on your current and past professional activity in relation to your chosen area of research 
  5. Intellectual, practical, affective and transferable skills: Identification of your initial research question and a set of research objectives related to this research question
  6. Intellectual, practical, affective and transferable skills: Explore the initial extant literature to position your work within the theory-practice nexus

Research Paper question


Draft Assignment 5,000 words

Conduct a critical analysis of an organizational context, identifying key trends and issues faced by the organization and develop research questions, aims and objectives from the critical analysis. 

Word limit: 5,000 words.

Suggested content

  1. Introduction: Briefly explain your organization and its context 
  2. The main trends impacting in the organization/industry/sector based on the practice based literature in your chosen area and a clear identification and justification of the area or theme you see as a key area of intervention, based on your analysis and problem identification 
  3. The development of an initial research question and related aim and objectives
  4. Synthesis and conclusions

Marking Criteria for Element 011 – Assignment:

  Mark Learning Outcome
1.      Introduction A well-presented introduction, setting out the scene and describing the organization and its context 10% 1
2.      Analysis trends and your main area of focus Evidence based analysis, clear justification of your chosen area and the basis in the relevance of practitioner research 40% 1,2,4
3.      Initial research question(s), related aim and objectives  A set of initial related, logical and focused questions, developed into a clear aim and coherent and deliverable objectives  30% 3,5
4.     Conclusions A concise review of what you have found and the implications for your research 10% 1,2,3,4,5
5.   Presentation Good graphics, good structure including a contents page and page numbers, good use of written expression / language, use of Harvard Reference Style    10%