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Article Review Rudy Perez

Rudy Perez, 86, is an American artist, Songwriter, Sound Engineer, Arranger, Composer and a music director, as well as, a singer. Besides, he has specialized in ballads a key area specialized from his philanthropy career. Over his 30 years of music career, he has produced over 70 albums and composed more than 1,000 singles which over 300 sold in the US top 10 charts for various genres. Additionally, he has done different tunes with popular international artists including Julio Iglesias, Christina Castro, Beyonce and Jeniffer Lopez among others. The analysis reviews his music career specifically the aspects that have made his pieces so powerful and successful during his music career. (Article Review Rudy Perez)

First, different events in his life have contributed to his experience and gaining of insights during his music career. Perez was creative since his childhood with his cha-cha and samba dances where he improvised dance floors which lead to the identification of his potential in music as he grew in New York. For instance, while in New York his new band Rudy Perez Dance Theater gave Perez diversified experienced lifestyle that added value to his knowledge. Accordingly, the Theater toured different states in Canada, German and US in the 1960s and 70s. On the other hand, his teaching position at UCLA prompted his move to the west where he spent more than 20 years and he was able to build his choreography talent and his dance. Specifically, Perez claims that the Judson Dance Crew in New York was a real eye-opener that shaped his extremities of his overblown dramatic stuff. Additionally, the honorary doctorates in California Institute of Arts shaped his music talent and sharpened his skills.

The Rudy Perez PerformanceEnsemble founded in New York opened opportunities for his choreography works that sold his name in addition to his company with more than 50 works selling internationally. He was termed as the “conscience of Los Angeles dance” from his great work in dance and the postmodern dance. Accordingly, Perez had great inspiration in pedestrian sounds that formulated every day rhythms of modern life hence captured the fanatic aspect of every youth and aging groups, added with simple body works with no audio sources. For instance, the Bang Bangpiece incorporated these aspects making it sell internationally. Nonetheless, studying with Martha and Cunningham in the 50’s made Perez blossom in the American’s avantgarde dance scenes of ‘60s.

Moreover, Perez never faced any competition in his career of music. For instance, he was the only major artist known for his choreographic talent hence no artist who did such experimentations making him draw international attention for his work. To be more specific his dancing crew who were part of the Ensemble Theater adopted the austere moves that ignited audience emotions. On another note, his choreographic work contributed to his blossoming. Accordingly, his first work, Take Your Alligator With You (1963) was a big milestone in his career. Accordingly, Countdown his 1966 solo was emotional and captures many peoples’ feeling in which Perez moved sparingly in a chair while smoking a cigarette.

In conclusion, Perez pieces have strongly grown over his music career and still reckon in the Los Angeles music history. Perez has a talent which added to his skills acquired from Los Angeles society, California Institute of Arts and the Otis Institute of Art and Design led to his success. Additionally, the postmodern dance scenes have paved his way in music career from his solo tunes. Nevertheless, the dance classes in his teaching position and his Theater Company and the Ensemble dancing crew have shaped and influenced his fame in the music career. Agreeably, Perez solos captured audience feelings and emotions accompanied by his dance scenes with no rival artist gave Perez the International rise in music for his thousands of tracks.